A right proper pity party or Ten Things of Thankful?


I could sit here and think of all the things that should have happened this past week, but didn’t. I could throw myself a downright proper pity party.I probably could even make it coincide with the regular Florida summer afternoon storms. After all what pity party is complete without dark clouds and rain?  I could do that or I could change my thoughts. I could focus on what DID happen. I could just let go of those things that didn’t happen. I could let the negative things slip through my fingers like sand and hold on tight to the positive nuggets that dotted my week. I could reach up and bat away those dark clouds and find the light. I think I will do that instead, that sounds so much more lovelier. So off I go to sift through my week:

1. Raise

Hubby got a raise again. This was his yearly review raise. Still it helps!

2 Hair to locks of love

I have decided to grow my hair until December and then donate to locks for love. This made me very happy with what I am currently doing with my hair. I have been debating getting it cut.

3 Successful hair cut

I think it was two years ago now , my daughter had a full out panic attack when she was getting her hair cut. Ever since then she is a mess whenever I brought up the subject. I finally reached my limit and was like no its time. I am fairly certain it has been over a year. No panic attack today!!!!



4 Awesome nature trail discovered

On Monday we went north a bit to discover this sustainable village. The website and the presentation I watched made it seem like it was a good idea. Instead it was such a disappointment.  HOWEVER, I had also discovered a short nature trail so we decided to do that as well. I am glad we did. It was such a neat little place!


5 Amazing art work completed by the kid Henri Matisse

I am truly impressed by her artwork. It was a free class hosted by the Library through a teaching artist association.


6 Groceries!!!

Okay seems silly but still. Some we were given and even though it wasn’t stuff I normally would buy it also wasn’t wasted. I mean what a shame to have to use the bacon right away. Oh darn.

7 Extra cleaning job

I unexpectedly got an extra cleaning job. This past week was super tight because it was a rent week so it was extra helpful.

8 Big changes at Church. Silver lining

Ah this is one of those things. You know change has to happen. You know it does happen. However I don’t always like when it happens. Still this is probably the most active I have ever been in a church. It is also the one I have felt most free to be me in. Unitarian Universalists, I wish I had found it when I was in my teens and twenties. However silver linings are important to find in the middle of huge changes. I won’t say there are not any, because I know there are. I am just having a hard time right now finding them. In theory the changes sounded good, in reality they kind of suck. I am however determined to stay the course and investigate what new things are in store for our church.

9 Synched calendars!! Finally


Okay so this is actually quite a big deal. I didn’t do it earlier and it recently bit me in the bum. I realized I was double booked for things. One fun and learning and one a responsibility and one I can’t shirk. I sat down last night and synched my home calendar with my phone calendar all the way until the end of July. Now here is hoping our fun classes and my meetings won’t clash again. Oh and I double checked the locations so hopefully we won’t be showing up at the wrong library to any of these classes either!

10  at least one job applied to every day

I am not happy that I haven’t found a job. I am happy though that I have found a minimum of one job every single day this week to apply to. A few of the days I applied to three or four jobs.


HA! I found ten things I am thankful for this week. Can you? I bet you can if you really look with a different perspective from what you have now!


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  1. I had a week too where I could have easily listed 10 Things of Unthankful, but instead (like you) I chose to list 10 thankful things. So glad you feel better after doing that … and I do, too. TToT is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark week. 🙂


  2. Erin, did you know locks of love charges for their wigs?? When I had my hair cut 8months or so ago, the hairstylist filled me in and sent my hair elsewhere, where the wigs are free. Just sayin’.


  3. Job hunting is tough! I’ve been there and I know how discouraging it can get so good for you looking on the bright side – and it is good when there are at least jobs you can apply for! Fingers crossed that the perfect opportunity comes your way.


  4. Her haircut is so cute, Her little girl look is changing. I bet when you started writing the post you were still feeling disappointed, but I know you felt better looking at the good things. I’m sure the right job is headed your way. Good luck.


    • Oh her little girl look has been changing for a while now. I really started noticing it when she turned nine. Facebook memories has just made it more obvious lately. THank you!


  5. You have a great list of thankfuls that shine brighter than your meh week! Your daughter’s hair cut is adorable and I’m sure your diligent job search is going to pay off soon!!


  6. I think you did brilliantly, and I love the Kid Matisse (because I love love love Matisse), and that you had an extra job and applied for a bunch of others, and your husband got a raise. People say money can’t buy you happiness, but a lack of it sure gives you misery!


  7. I had a hard time, like, to find ten things. That was actually last week for me. Easier this week. So well done.
    Hearing about the library art class made me remember one I took as a child. I think mine was at the art gallery though. Hadn’t thought about that in years.
    Good luck with the job search.


  8. I felt very much the same when I sat to do my TToT – so much sad and frustration this week. But I knew that meant I really needed it and it helped. You’re very right that when you shift the angle just a bit, you get a whole new perspective.
    I am with you in the tight money lack of job/income issue. When I left my teaching position last year, I imagined just a short few months would be all it would take to establish the new means of employment. Much of what we were counting on did not pan out…so back to the drawing board. It’s hard. I’m looking at other options and they may actually end up being better in the long run so I’m OK there. Now we just need them to happen! With you in spirit, friend, for sure.
    Awesome haircut. Awesome art. Libraries…also awesome. We’re looking into more there than we have in the past. Reading to the therapy pups is top on our list this summer – discovered it last year, but right at the tail end of the program. Looking forward to that!


  9. “I could focus on what DID happen. I could just let go of those things that didn’t happen. I could let the negative things slip through my fingers like sand and hold on tight to the positive nuggets that dotted my week.”

    Not the easiest thing to do Erin. What an excellent TToT you’ve shared! A raise no matter what time a year is always welcome and the haircut thing? Wow. I can’t imagine how stressful for you to know your daughter took to panic attacks at getting her hair cut. Poor baby. You both must be very proud for having gotten through this most recent haircut without a hitch 🙂 Tell kid Matisse she’s very cute and looks tres stylish with the new look:)

    I’ve been down the job hunting road in Florida. Very tough terrain but keep up the good work. I don’t know if you can afford it timewise but volunteering can often be an avenue to employment. And network when you can!


    • It is indeed a hard thing. It is where my meditation mantra of this doesn’t serve me helps. Yes we are quite relieved over the haircut but there has been a new development. She wants it shorter. Like can we go next week shorter. We may have a break through here.

      Job hunting. yes I have been networking but with it being summer I don’t have much time to volunteer until august again and I really would like to be employed by then


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