It’s started. It’s here. Summer break


I started thinking about it in April. Life happened and it got shoved aside, its two months away;plenty of time. It came up again in May. I got some things scheduled. I actually looked at some calendars. The end of the year madness started and I lost track again.

Summer break is normally something I intensively plan for. This year, not so much.

This year it kind of smacked me in the face.

Last year I did a whole series of what we planned to do and what we did blog posts. Last year I was organized. This year, not so much.

I am not promising to keep my normal blog post schedule of Monday Wednesday and Friday. I will promise to keep doing #1000speak and Ten Things of Thankful.

If you are new here is the basic outline of what we do during the summer. Especially with me not working right now, she needs to be busy. Okay in reality I need her to be busy. I need some just mommy time too!

First of all , the kid will be reading a minimum of ten pages from a book of my choosing and completing two pages in a fourth grade workbook every morning before TV is allowed.

Next is a mix of classes and camps. She is scheduled for an art camp where she will get to do pottery and wheel throwing. She is also scheduled for harp camp as well. I then pull the calendars for parks and recreation and the local library. The local art center sends a program to the school every year. I try to schedule her for a well rounded mix of things. This year she has classes in archaeology, Ecology, Science, multi-cultural and just some plain fun classes. We have a really wonderful library system that really supports kids and families over the summer.  I think a lot of the all day camps do similar things we do. I just can’t afford to send her to an all day camp and I kinda like doing things with her. Most of these classes are free which is a bonus. They also allow me an hour or two to sneak away and just do errands or have some quiet time. The ones that are at parks typically just cost the entrance fee which is normally six dollars or less.

There will be plenty of time for boredom to occur. You know in almost ten year olds that takes like two point three seconds to happen.  Even though this summer break took me by surprise, I am pretty comfortable with what we already have planned. I also look forward to some impromptu things to happen too. Truthfully those tend to be my favorite!

Tell me what you do with your kids over the summer! My hope is we can share ideas and everyone can have a great summer!


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  1. My five-year-old is enrolled in a summer camp so that should be fun for him! They get to do all sorts of child-led activities, from baking bread to stitching jeans to playing outside. My twins are still with the nanny so no summer for them yet! Our summers are pretty laid back and we try to do summer-related things every week.


  2. I have the hardest time getting any writing done in the summer. My daughter refuses to do any “camps,” but all of her friends ARE, so I am the full-time entertainer for the next three months. But I know it’s worth it… One day she won’t want anything to do with me and I’ll be BEGGING for this sort of attention! 😉


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