Seeing the light through Ten Things of Thankful



Friday was a whirlwind of productivity and yet fun and enjoyable at the same time. I didn’t realize I needed to write my post until like six pm and decided my brain would do better if I waited until Saturday morning.

So let’s review what happened this week.


Wow Monday was a really long time ago. What in the heck did I do? Oh, I remember now. I tried to do my cleaning job but that was not going very well for multiple reasons. It wasn’t just me. I came home and actually got some rest and then got some cleaning done. The babysitting job I had lined up cancelled but actually that is okay because I really needed to concentrate on me and the house.  We ended up having to ask for help for groceries and it was responded to with so much love and caring.

Thankful that my friends know when I am not really up to a task and let me bow out gracefully.

Thankful we have such a wonderful church family at the Unitarian Universalist church.


I went back and finished my cleaning job. I came home and finished some of the cleaning and got some writing done. The husband and the kid have suspected we had rodents in our walls in this one area. I decided to sit near it while I wrote, what we have is a cat. A cat who likes to sit on the curio cabinet and scratch her claws on the wall and the  top of the light fixture that is in the curio cabinet. As I was cleaning a friend texted saying she made way too much curry lentil soup and would we please take some. We accepted but only if she joined us to enjoy it.

Thankful for friends who seem to have the most perfect timing and delicious food.

Thankful we don’t have rodents in our walls


On Wednesday I escaped. A friend and I were up to shenanigans and we went to the beach for a couple hours. We had great conversations and enjoyed some frozen blackberries and watermelon after swimming. It also seemed like all the beach wildlife was out in full force just for me. My birthday is just a day away now(on Sunday). We saw so many different fish and some crabs too.

11047872_921459781235193_5477555489660660694_n 11049460_921459861235185_3787817894224075562_n 11245500_921459847901853_2169103192206030399_n 11263025_921459834568521_189334613691409168_n 11295563_921459877901850_6845022234317287881_n

Thankful for friends who are up for early morning shenanigans.


Oh Thursday! I chaperoned a field trip to the Florida Aquarium.Such a long day and so many many many stairs. My knees, hips and ankles were not so happy about that. HOWEVER, we had a great time.

There is a video of an octopus not sure if this link will work but I hope so. 

Thankful that I have made so much progress physically that I was able to enjoy the day with the kids.


Friday was allllllllllllll the grocery shopping, food prepping and cooking and freezing too. Not only did I help a friend with this. I did some for myself as well. I also ended up grocery shopping for me later that day too. I am fairly certain my chai and kombucha lied to me about how productive I could be and then conspired with a cola and a mountain dew to get me through the rest of the day. We had a lovely dinner out with just my husband and the kid as well.

Thankful for friends who let me help them get back on the healthy tract eating.

Thankful for a great dinner with the family.

Thankful for caffeine even if it does lie.

I think that is ten things. If I miscounted, I am sure there is enough in here to qualify for ten things. Oh WAIT.


Friday while out and about, I got an email saying that a nonprofit blog would like me to tweak my Classism post and send it to them and they would pay for it as well!!!!! I can’t believe I forgot to put that as Number one because really it quite blew me away.


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  1. Such wonderfully happy thankful things – especially the last one! Congrats! That’s great news. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your weekend. Having all these things to be happy about should definitely help.


  2. Erin, as far as I’m concerned, the beach fixes everything. Talk about a connection to the Universe. The link to the octopus worked perfectly and was very cool. I did enjoy your photos via Instagram this week. Hope things are lighter and better as the days go on. Congrats on the writing op.


  3. Your beach pics brightened up my Instagram this week, though I confess I was more enamoured with the shells than the crab 😉 I’m glad you’ve been having such fun. Did you swim?


    • I did swim this time. I purposely swam so that the waves could work as a forceful yet free netti pot since my allergies have been ridiculous. There was a segment on Science Friday on NPR that I am choosing not to hear(that one gulp of ocean water has over 200 viruses) ANYWAY. Those shells are actually snails. Little tiny teeny weeny snails living in those shells.

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  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! Congrats on selling some content – that’s awesome. It’s always great to get a reward for something we just honestly love doing like blogging. I’m totes jelly of your beach time. It’s still too chilly here to beach it, but I gotta tell you, frozen watermelon is my favorite thing to bring to the beach on a hot summer day!


  5. Happy happy birthday! And the ocean – always thankful for when I have time there. Here’s to friends up for early morning shenanigans and for your writing being published and paid for! Whoot!


  6. Your adventure with your friend sounds oh, so wonderful and relaxing! And another bringing you dinner? What a great support system you have!


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