Karma will win in the end


I have talked about the whole scam thing vaguely. I had to wait until I was at a point I could really just tell it all. If all this does is spread awareness, it is enough.

I knew Squish would be going to daycare once he started walking. I decided to be proactive and registered on Care.com. I was not looking for any jobs just put my resume up. Let it hang out there and just be ready. Then maybe two weeks later I got a text from a woman who called herself Kristi.

” I found your resume on Care.com. My friend Samantha is looking for a nanny for her son. Please email her. ” She listed an email.

My immediate thought was no. I am not looking I am not ready and I am not responding. Well maybe that was not the right way to handle it. Maybe I need to respond and at least see what she is looking for. Maybe this will give me an idea of what people are looking for. So I emailed my resume to the email listed. The next day I got an email from “Samantha”. It was a long email basically stating she needed help four hours a day three days a week with her three year old son. She had been offered a private research contract and was transferring from Australia to Florida. There was some discussion about skyping but mostly it was left by the wayside when the time difference was apparent.  This emailing went back and forth for several days. By the time she had said she would hire me we had exchanged over ten emails.

Then she said there had been a miscommunication between her husband and her and I would not need to get housestuff and probably not food either. The check had already been issued though. It would instead be helpful if I met the landlord at the house and give him the cash for a deposit.  I was starting to get concerned.

The next day first thing in the morning I started receiving text from a new number stating it was “Samantha”. Suddenly now there was going to be two checks. All the texts seemed fairly normal other than there was now two checks. She said to cash the one but to hold the other until they got there Monday they would fix it then. Mostly she just wanted to know when I had the checks so she didn’t have to worry.  I asked for more details about her job and what her husband does and by the way isn’t it like the middle of the night in Australia.  No response to that one.  The checks come and I suspect issue with them. So we walked the one for Suntrust into the bank. The bank manager took one look at it and said it was counterfeit.  More scurrying of texts. Samantha could not believe this. I will have to contact my bank. Just cash the other one. UM. NO. So I tell her if she is real and not a scam have her landlord call and meet me somewhere. I needed to talk to a real live person before I would put my name out there. The phone rings. The number is from Texas. A guy claiming to be her landlord said yes I am her landlord just go to check cashing place and cash check.  Um. NO. Several times he told me to go to check cashing place and cash the check. NOPE. Texts start from “Samantha”  Did he call? Is everything ok? Just cash the other check. I got it he called and Nope I won’t be cashing the check.


I would like to say that people have said to me that when it seems too good to be true……

No. That is not the right way to think. I have struggled against that kind of thinking all my life and I have slowly been turning it around. I am confident this happened for a reason. Lesson learned move on. It hurts my heart that there are people out there like this because  as THE DOCTOR (Doctor Who) says: We are so much better then this. Humanity is so much better than this. I know I am still processing quite a bit of this. I am still working my way through it all.  I got mad. I cried. I laughed. I was sarcastic. Now its just heal and move on and tuck this lesson firmly in my belt. I think the bottom line lesson here is trust my gut. I was so anxious about this and was reasoning it out that it was such a big move and meant so much to us.


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  1. *sigh* I’m so sad you got caught by such low-lifes. And well done for writing it up. And for being so even-minded about it, now, that you wrote it up without attacking them. Your spirit and resilience are impressive, my friend 🙂


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