100 times Ten things of Thankful


I knew it was Friday. I thought about writing this yesterday but never got back around to it. It has been a long day and my brain just wants to say. “eh it was a week lets not look too closely at it shall we.” Once upon a time I would have let it get away with that. Its been a year of Ten Things of THankful for me now. I finally tracked down that first post.

All that to say I still need to review my week:

Stand-by please : (starts talking out loud but really its just talking to myself)

Monday what did I do Monday oh yes cleaning job then helping a friend with looking at some selections for a house. Then we went to harp concert. Tuesday um Tuesday what did I do? Oh yes Saw Princess P and had a church meeting came home and went thrift store hoping with a friend who also tried my arthritis tonic.Wednesday that I remember was starbucks and writing and helping some elderly people and lunch with a friend and a tiny bit of cleaning our house and another church meeting. Thursday was What DID I do thursday? Ah yes did some cleaning, did some more writing, Treated myself , had yet another meeting, then we went out to dinner as a family. u, then what then what did I do? What does that bring us to? Oh wait, yes Friday . Well thats today. Helping Squish’s mom who had a procedure done and I entertained Squish and we had lunch and then lots of laughing on the way to pick up maggie and then grocery shopping then picking up Snickerdoodle and then came home and attempted to cook dinner. okay I guess I have a review. Now to pick ten things out of that. This is normally where Sarcasm would rise and I would make some people laugh but it really wouldn’t help me see the silver lining.


I love Ultracur so much when others talk about Turmeric I always recommend it.

IMG_20150511_144234_690 IMG_20150512_084839_488 IMG_20150513_084102_554 IMG_20150513_112959 IMG_20150514_131755_694 IMG_20150514_173937_016

1. I do have a little income coming in via me cleaning job. It is appreciated.

2. Princess P is getting so big and sassy too. She makes me happy no matter whatelse is going on in my life. Tuesday was no different. She informed the ants it is not okay to bite her. NOT OKAY.

3. Thrift store sifting.  Finally found a blender.

4. The kid continues to amaze me on her talents on playing the harp.

5.. Friends who have sent just the right text or shared just the right facebook post or just had an extra hug for me this week. A few went above and beyond and helped more with groceries and gas.  Much appreciated.

6. OH yeah this too. Thursday my walking partner and I went on our old walking path and still had great pacing even having been a bit bad about keeping up on it.

7.Dinner with family. It may be considered a splurge to some people. We however value family time and at home we rarely sit at the table all together. In fact we rarely use the table except to collect things. So taking the money to sit down at the table and have a meal is pretty close to priceless for me.

8. The seven virgin guards said something goes here

9. Thankful for the seven virgin guards.

10.  I got to play with Squish most of the day today and THEN I got to see Snickerdoodle too!

Tell me your ten!!



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  1. I know you’re having a tough time, but I’m glad you’re still hanging in here! Here’s hoping things look up soon!


  2. I’m so sorry you have been having a hard time!! That makes your list even more intentional and praise-worthy!! I’m really glad you were able to enjoy today and some of your week, and I do hope those moments with people continue to lift you and encourage you and carry you through!

    Good for YOU for doing this a year!!


  3. Can we talk about that ice cream cone?? What flavors are in there???
    Sorry you’re having a rough time lately – I understand how frustrating that is. Thoughts and prayers are always with you. Hang in there!
    And WOW – is it really a year for you? Seems like far less…time does fly.


  4. You really had a busy week. I’d say a harp concert is really something special. One time I went to a Christmas party and a harpist provided background music. It was calming, spiritual and uplifting all at the same time. I LOVED it. I know what you mean about letting sarcasm sneak in. And you are right, it does nothing to help you find the silver lining. Oh, and I want to eat that ice cream cone.


  5. That is one serious ice cream cone! I don’t know of anyplace that has such a variety of soft serve. Yum!
    The harp…what a wonderful instrument to take up.
    Hope you get to feeling better this week.


    • Oh that is only two of the flavors. They have lime orange pineapple and I think lemon and of course chocolate and vanilla. All the citrus is from the grove behind the shop


  6. *HUGESQUEEZYHUGS* I’m glad you’re here, and I’m happy you managed this list, and found so many genuinely wonderful things to be thankful for. I think if we count the photos as well then you have LOTS more than ten. Take care of you, my friend 🙂


  7. oh! harp the-instrument-with-a-lot-of-strings! (I had a smile as I ran a quick visual of harp concerts with a group of children and a bunch of raggedy ole Delta blues (harmonica) players…. “yeah! tell us all ’bout it, chile” with lots of cigerette smoke and parents sitting at little round table and such…. yes, I will stop now….lol)

    nicely leveraged SGV!


  8. I’ve always enjoyed how you take us with you through your week, each day 🙂
    Look at how big that harp is! Totally awesome your daughter not only plays harp but has a talent for it. Not exactly your typical “band” instrument. Good for her! I went to a concert of classical music once at the University I attended. It was the first time watching anyone play the harp live. It was both fascinating and impressive!!


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