What the hell is wrong with people……a Ten Things of Thankful version?



This title is drastically different from Wednesday’s post now isn’t it. That is because later that day I discovered, yet again, there are seriously messed up people in this world. Seriously. Messed. Up. I thought we had hit the break we needed. I thought we  the light at the end of the tunnel was suddenly shining brighter. Instead I am dealing with police investigation and a lack of a job. Scam scam scam and you can bet there will be a whole blog post telling others about this so no one else falls for this because there was no mention of wiring or sending money anywhere. Deep breathes, but I am determined to learn and move on. I am determined to not let these people completely destroy what hope in humanity I had built up. I am not going to let them pull me into negativity.

That being said, I am spent the day thinking about how I can be thankful about all this. It helped I also had a puking and too sick to play little girl laying half on top of me most of the day. That too has a spot in my thankful believe it or not.

1. Thankful that I was smart enough and consciences enough to go into the bank to deposit check. Apparently what she meant by overnight deposit was to put it in the ATM. The bank took one look and said it was counterfeit.

2. Thankful that I asked for further verification and thus they added to the evidence by actually calling me.

3. Thankful that I don’t now have a criminal record for check fraud.

4. Thankful that I don’t now owe the bank money for a fraudulent check.

5. Thankful for great friends who helped pick me up, get my head thinking clearly and back on tract.

6. Thankful that even though the kid puked in my bed at three am. I am thankful that it is so much different than when she puked as a toddler or young child. There was no hysterical crying after each puking session that inevitably only made things worse. She was able to communicate effectively what part of her body was bothering her and how it hurt. So much easier to deal with than a hysterical three year old who if asked will say her eyelashes hurt.

And no I didn’t take any pictures of these events.

7. Thankful that I could spend the day in bed with her and that she even exploded my heart into a million pieces telling me she didn’t want me to puke from snuggling with her.

unnamed (4)

8. Thankful that on Tuesday even though I didn’t really want to I forced myself on a walk and got to see two otters playing and eating in the canal I was walking along.

11150524_913880448659793_1218379590316227403_n 11150714_913880238659814_2458613919912426603_n 11210422_913880258659812_5430023589949734741_n 11224173_913880398659798_7174836025048240844_n

9. Thankful for friends who knew how much I needed a short walk on the beach before I knew how much I needed a short walk on the beach.

unnamed (3)

10. Thankful for more friends who rescued me on sick day with Gatorade, chicken noodle soup, yogurt and my favorites coke and benedryl.

Then I stumbled onto these on The Master Shift Facebook page and they have really stuck with me.

10423810_565112500298706_8630146882496766547_n 11255734_1634791040091881_2131762279828064536_n


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  1. Whoa! I’m going to have to read more about what happened with your new job. I’m thankful you did not get drug into whatever it was and don’t have a criminal record now, and I’m especially thankful you took no pictures of the barfing.


  2. Your two ending quotes were wonderful. So glad you didn’t get too far involved in that scam. You probably needed that snuggling as much as your daughter did, in spite of the puking. A walk on the beach is what everyone needs.


  3. Do not let this scam experience pull you into thinking humanity stinks. yes, there are some rotten people, but the vast majority are kind.
    I’m sorry there was puking, but a day of cuddling is a great medicine for everyone.
    As is a walk on the beach. Man, I would like to live where I could take a walk on the beach. 🙂


  4. hope all is well by now and that things will work out you are very brave.
    I love otters they are so cute – walking on the beach helps – snuggles helps too – have a wonderful weekend and Mothers’day


  5. How terrible, and yet how good of you to see the good of the situation, even if that just means, “It could have been worse.”

    Seeing otters would have brought a smile to my face#


  6. Wow, you have had one hella week! I’m glad your friends were there to rescue you and that your kid was worried about making you sick! Aren’t they sweet, these little ones? I love when they think like that – proof that NOT everyone is a jerk. I’m so sorry what you thought was good turned sour. Not your fault. But to see how well you’re handling it – awesome. Good for you.
    Have to tell you you are at the top of my list for our chat Monday (before I went down like a ton of bricks) because being able to bounce symptoms etc. around with someone who understands the additional factor of a chronic illness on a regular illness is so helpful. So thanks.
    Otters are awesome – they always make me smile.


  7. sometimes it helps to look back on experiences (like this scam thing) and accept that the ‘soundness of the path you’re on’ is a very big part of (it) not having been worse than it was… many people do get drawn into scam and it not only costs money, but more importantly, it costs peace of mind and confidence. Know that and it adds to your confidence in self plus, you are correct in feeling good about having friends who know you well enough to help.


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