Ccccchhhhaaannnngggeeeesss Ten Things of thankful version



Things have been okayish. We have been making it work. Things have been tight but we have been mostly happy and content. The more I have worked on me and being true to myself the better things have been getting. That whole slow and steady wins the race thing. Ten things of thankful has helped show me just exactly what we do have. It has shown me some things you can’t put  a price tag on.Don’t get me wrong, I still have my pity party’s, they are just fewer and shorter than before. Between this blog hop, my husband and my friends, I don’t know where i would be but it wouldn’t be this good of a place.

When I woke up Thursday morning I had no idea things were about to change. Isn’t that always the way?

I got offered a job that will solve quite a few problems in one fell swoop. It means no longer being a Nanny for Squish. I wasn’t looking for this job. I wasn’t ready to be done being Squish’s nanny, even though as he grows it has gotten harder and harder for me to keep up. However when fate hands you such a fabulous gift, well you take a deep breath and you take it.  It won’t start for just shy of two weeks.Sometimes the universe knows what we need better than we do. Sometimes it lets you find that need on your own. Sometimes it plops it in your lap and says “now what.” Two weeks is plenty of time to adjust and prepare for the changes. I am still at the can’t quite believe it and feel like I may jinx myself stage. Deep breathing and positive affirmations  only in my head please.

This is all ten of my thankfuls as it is going to make every aspect of our lives better. ( I really want to add if it happens, but I am thinking positive right)


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  1. Congrats on your new job. I’m glad you have two weeks to transition. I know you are going to miss Squish. Best of luck.


  2. Wow, many congrats on the new job! And how awesome you weren’t even actively looking and it sort of just fell into your lap. Fantastic news, and I hope the next two weeks will be a smooth transition.


  3. amazing how that happens, no? (the totally-out-of-nowhere-really-good-thing, that is)… doing the footwork* does tend to yield positive results!

    * whatever footwork may mean, in a given person’s life and situation..


  4. Fingers crossed. I’m familiar with how much of an impact the “right” job can have on your life. Good luck!


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