Making the connection #1000speak for May


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April is over. We had so many wonderful contributions to our 1000 speak link up. If you missed it or just want to re-read it, it’s all bundled right here. 

May is just days away and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my Birthday Month!!


Well okay it is also because the highlighted topic for 1000 voices of compassion speak is connection.

How can you Connect to Compassion? How can you help others Connect to Compassion?


There are so many ways to stay CONNECTED to 1000 voices of compassion

Here are some more prompt ideas

You can join us on our Facebook Page here

You can join us on Facebook Group here

You can Follow the blog here

You can follow us on Twitter here

We are also hanging out over on Google + too!!!

Don’t have your own blog to publish on. EMAIL US! We will publish it on 1000 Voices. Boom Baby!

Next week will be a sneak peak of what I will be writing about for May’s link up


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