Ten Things of Thankful :Swamps, blueberries and starbucks oh my!


Somehow we made it. We are sliding into Friday evening and we survived, mostly. Friday means its time for Ten Things of Thankful, so without further ado let’s get down to it.



There is just something so alive about swamps. The green, the water, the flowers and yes even the alligators.  Everything is just so vibrant and somehow balanced. Thankful we have swamps we can go explore and friends willing to go with us.

2  Starbucks.

After the swamp it was nice to go back to some civilization and hydrate. By hydrate I of course mean caffeinate.


Fresh picked, freaking huge blueberries. Seriously I am so surprised we have not turned into blueberries and we are going back for more!

4. Water

Seriously, indoor plumbing is no small thing. Our well and pump are all repaired and we have had water since Tuesday. I am seriously still pretty excited when I turn on the faucet and there is water.

5. Decent sleep

It has not been every night but it is getting better. Okay, so maybe my thyroid really was out of whack. Taking meds in the middle of the night has also curbed my middle of the night eating, Also known as insom-om-nom-nom-nom-ia. Two am seems to be the hour I wake up every night so it seemed the logical time to take a medication you can’t have eaten two hours prior or an hour after.

6, #1000speak

Amazingly nurtured by all these compassion posts. Did you see what I did there? I have tweeted everyone and am working my way back through to comment.

7. New shoes

If you know me, you know this is no small feat.  I am so picky about shoes. This even ties back into the swamp. We encountered more water than expected and my shoes and my ocd issues and water all clashed. Thankful we were able to buy new sneakers, saving the old ones for future swamp stomping of course.


8.  School projects.

No I am serious. Really. Artist who work with clay, I get it. I so so so so get it now. I was stressed out and really just annoyed and I started smoothing the clay out over the wood and wow. I was just laying the base down, she will do most of it. I promise. I may just sit in the corner and watch and play with the air dry clay.

9. Princess P.

IMG_20130426_114001unnamed (3)

It seems impossible that it was two years ago she was born. Feeling all the feels and thankful for friends who share their kids!

10 Ten Things of thankful

Attitude changes are getting easier and easier. Pity parties still happen and that is okay. One step at a time, One participation in Ten Things of thankful at a time.


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  1. i love blueberries and although I never been at a swamp I get it i really do – happy bday to youe little one – new shoes, #1000 speaks, indoor plumbing…what more can ask for. 🙂

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  2. I am sooooo in need of shoes. I think I have a somehow repressed shoe fetish… I cant afford them but notice everyone elses and think … ooooooohh…. I want those shoes!


  3. Yay! You have water. That’s ten thankfuls right there. I can’t wait until blueberry season around here. Did you know Hammonton, NJ is known as the blueberry capital of the world?


  4. Yes, kids grow up way too quickly. Tonight I was looking at Calvin, not able to believe that he’s 8 months old already, sitting in his high chair, pulling himself up on the couch, and generally being into al sorts of mischief 🙂 No shoes are always awesome, and so are swamps and Starbucks. Had a frozen mocha from McCafé this Friday, and it tasted so, so good. Have a wonderful week!


  5. A super YAY for water and decent sleep. The water deserves a whole post by itself. And the sleep? I know all too well how difficult that can be to achieve.
    I hate shoe shopping because my feet are complicated. Finding a pair that works is indeed worth a spot on the list!


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