It’s coming!!! Are you ready?


April 20th is right around the corner!

Five days!

Wait… What? That’s Monday?

Well I better get right on that then.

2014-12-12 16.00.29

1000 Voices of Compassion is launching a link-up again. This month’s theme is all about Nurturing. There are even some writing prompts idea if you were like me and sat there thinking. Compassion, Nurturing. compassion. nurturing. yeah, they go together but where do I start.


Remember this is not just for people who have blogs. IF you want to write something, email it to us. We will post it on the main blog page! Published! Boom Baby!

Check back here on Monday for the link-up and get some good feelings flooded into ya! We all need that from time to time to balance out well, reality. Not that reality can’t be good, it just isn’t always.



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