And So it goes: A Ten things of Thankful edition


I am not ready! I am not ready to walk outside and burst into sweat. I want to cling to the weather that brings me seventy-five degrees in the middle of the day. We started reaching mid to high eighties with so much humidity it might as well be raining but it’s not. On Tuesday I took my walk and both squish and I were drenched in sweat. That same night I saw an ice cream truck. It is so obvious summer is coming. Such is the way of life, the Earth turns, the seasons change. I will suffer through summer searching for the beauty.I may search for that beauty from the Air conditioning of my car or the middle of the deep end of the pool, but I will find it.

Even if I have to be like Peach in Finding Nemo

Go to your happy place go to your happy place go to your happy place go to your happy place

So National Infertility Awareness Week is approaching.  It never goes away. It is always there.I know I joke and kid about my daughter but every month that went by with no positive test, is still just as painful. It is just not quite as raw anymore. I am so incredibly grateful we did conceive and carry to term. I do wonder what our lives would look like if the other pregnancies had made it. In the time it took me to have one kid, I could have had three. It’s always a heavy week for me. However, I am grateful for the lessons I learned ,the people I met and the wonderful doctors and midwives I had.

Then there was Friday. Since Monday and Wednesday didn’t go anywhere near as planned why did I still think Friday would? A small amount of hope maybe? I like planning my days. I like waking up knowing what I am going to do. IN the long run though, I woke up, I had food to eat a car to drive and a house to live in.  My afternoon was very emotional rollercoasterish and upon some more reflection I am just grateful for everything we do have.

I didn’t count, but I am sure there are ten things in there.

This post is part of Ten Things of Thankful Blog hop. Where we all stop and reflect for at least ten seconds on our life and what we are thankful for because , Thanksgiving is not really once-a-year kind of thing.

You don’t have to list ten things but at least comment about one thing you are thankful for. We all need a little thankful in our lives.


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  1. I never had a problem conceiving and carrying my pregnancies to term, in fact I have the opposite problem. I never thought about how it would feel to lose a pregnancy, or not be able to have a child. I am sorry to hear of your struggle, and I hope everything works out for you and your daughter!


  2. Once the heat really sets in, I start regretting summer. I’m not one who appreciates the extremes. And summer in FL is the real thing. Here’s hoping you have a few more days in the 70s.

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  3. Im with Dyanne… THE BEACH! THE BEACH!!!!! I am not landlocked but it takes a while to get there. Although… the humidity…. 😦 … I dunno …. maybe its a poor tradeoff afterall!


    • But see the Beach is deceptive. It is very alurring but… There is no choice but to come home and shower. You don’t even want to know where or how shells and seaweed get where they do. Everything no matter how careful is full of sand and its not easily shook out so mostly you have to wash it out. It is one of the reasons we only go maybe once a week. It is a whole lot of work. Plus yes humidity and hot and that plus fine sand that gets everywhere. well yeah.


  4. Eighties and humidity are my happy place. It’s easier to get cool by going inside than to get warm when you are chilled to the bone. Plus the wind doesn’t blow so much. I often wonder if weather was not a common subject of conversation, what would people talk about? I’m right there with you.

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  5. I can’t WAIT for the summer! I’m thrilled the temps have been hitting 50 lately and I’m sooooo ready for heat, the beach, the garden. I guess I just love to get sweaty and dirty 🙂


  6. It got quite warm yesterday and I was ALMOST too hot. That kinda sucked. But I LOVE summer and I LOVE the heat and the light and everything about it. So I don’t mind too much. Not keen on the sweat, but in comparison to winter, it’s a delight.

    Infertility *sigh* So hard 😦 *HUGS*


  7. I’m with you. The beach is no fun every day. Sand. Oh the sand! Everywhere the sand! I am not a fan of extreme weathers, hot or cold. When the kids are grown and we are retired, I plan on just following the good weather so I never have to be too cold or too hot again. 🙂

    Sorry about the messed up plans and the rollercoaster. I hope next week is more of an even-keeled one for you.


  8. I’m glad you made it through and have your Thankful on. Some weeks are really tougher than others to find the thankful, but it is a fantastic practice. I’m so glad to be part of it, and I’m so thankful you are, too!
    I’m usually very jealous of your weather, but in the summer? UUmmmm, not so much. Too much heat and humidity and I would be afraid to go outside as well!


  9. Summer is better than winter. Isn’t it funny how we want to be where we aren’t. I know a lot of folks who say that they want to live at the beach, and here you do. I think that is why we invented vacations! Have a great new week!


  10. We don’t get the humidity here (that’s a thankful), but we do get blazing heat. I’m with you. It’s easier to enjoy a warm day in the fall, knowing the temps will be going down, than a warm day in the spring, knowing that the heat is on its way. When we were here on a summer house-hunting trip prior to moving here, we seriously described the scene–scorching heat, blood-red sun due to wildfires, strange vegetation that passed for trees–as “post-apocalyptic.” I’ve had to learn to look hard, but there is beauty.
    I hope that this coming week goes better for you; it sounds like this past week was a bit rough.


  11. I know what you mean about being unbelievably thankful for a child but also wondering what life would be like if… Also I cannot stand the humidity! Yuck! I grew up in Colorado and now live outside of DC and will never get used to this…


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