Easter and the not so religious

 I would consider myself more spiritual then religious. Religious makes me think of a structured thing. I don’t see myself falling into that category. I fall more into my belief is more fluid. While I wouldn’t consider myself a Christian any more, we still celebrate Easter. I know that confuses people. I am not really sure why though. Why is it a hard concept that we can celebrate holidays for different reasons? I am not going to get offended by someone telling me Happy Easter. I didn’t even get offended when a friend point blank asked do I say Happy Easter to you? Sure you can. I even had a friend who was not sure what to say so she said Happy Weekend! Sure!  What I find more offensive is not saying anything because I don’t believe in the holiday the way you do.
I choose to let my child participate in the Easter bunny and baskets. This year we concentrated her basket more on gardening. It has been a big interest she has had and I am starting to get on board with it. I can’t promise I won’t kill any plants though. I am so very good at killing them. However, I have kept my little herb garden going the past three months or so, so perhaps there is hope.
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  1. Happy Easter. We played Easter by ear this year and although going to Church is usually a big part of our Easter and we didn’t get there this year as we are on holidays. I am currently doing the A-Z Blogging challenge and wrote up Easter Growing Up for my E entry. xx Rowena

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