Ten things of thankful seeing progress edition


Sometimes we think we have fully dealt with an issue, then a harmless conversation comes up. For hours later my mind was a tangled mangled dark and dreary mess. Things were fresh and hurting and pulsing again. I really felt I had dealt with most of it. I knew there was more work to do but, I didn’t expect it to do this. Anger that they could still hurt me. Frustration that I even let them hurt me again. I can write it now and it seems so clear but it really wasn’t that clear. It was like a thunderstorm approaching and its not until it was right upon me that I realized it was a duck and take cover kind of storm. Some medication, some meditation, some loving-kindness and self-forgiveness and I felt like the storm at the very least calmed to a light drizzle.  The next day I let myself stay in bed and pout a little, then went with a friend to the beach. I mean really what better way to clear the storm than the beach? Like after a storm the ground is still wet and it still feels raw but its better, no longer building and pulsing, just drained and spent.


Ten things of thankful is about looking for the silver lining; Looking for the positive that did happen. What did happen was pretty fantastic when I look back and study my week.

1. That I have friends who can just get away for a few hours and know that sometimes talking is over-rated.

2. That I have a husband and  kid that mean the world to me.

3. That I get these kinds of views first thing in the morning.

unnamed (24) unnamed (26)

4. That I still have a walking partner and I was still able to walk with squish, even if it seems like spring is already gone.

unnamed (25)

5. That I can actually see the progress I have made emotionally, spiritually and physically.

6. I am pretty sure number five counts as three.

7. That I still have two months left of school, which means I still have time to plan out the summer.

8. That I have a job that allows me to just pack him up in the car and take him places so that I can still keep my kid entertained this summer. Did you follow all that?

9. New Juicer. Never realized how inefficient my other one was. This one is pretty amazing!

10. That between my bookshelves, my friends bookshelves and all the wonderful authors I know and have met through blogging, I am never without reading material for more than a few seconds.


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  1. #5 is awesome and #6 made me laugh. I’m so glad you got to go to the beach and relax for a bit, and I’m sorry that things were tricky before, but well done you for heading the bad brain moments off before they took too much control, and BRILLIANT that you got that storm reduced to light drizzle.


  2. looks like a clean sweep for Number 5! (and that new GV… she’s totally giving a thumbs up).

    sometimes that best thing to do in a storm is find a place where you can wait out the worst of it, liked your shore/storm imagery… same ocean, (pretty much same shoreline) different look (at least immediately after storm ends….then (gradually and nearly un-noticeably back to as it was).

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  3. AH the beach! I can’t wait to get there myself. You are still my idol with your commitment to walking. I can’t wait to be out doing this stuff myself! I’m glad you were able to turn your week around, and I hope next week is great for you 🙂


  4. Whoa so did that read 81 degrees?
    Because it’s like not even above freezing here yet.
    I think #5 is by far the best. I have a tattoo on my wrist. It’s chi – balance of all the things. It’s ironic now. I got the tattoo after my 1 year anniversary of my first back surgery. As you know, chronic pain impacts everything and I felt so accomplished that I finally aligned myself as a “whole”….then I had a baby…got postpartum depression…morphed into bipolar disorder…back got worse…and now that tattoo stares at me like a evil evil evil evil cackling laugh LMAO. Ah one day I’ll get there 🙂
    Now send that warm weather up to Canada will you!!!


    • Ha yes it did say 81 but now yesterday and today it is barely above 70. Well the weather we have had yesterday and today I would like to keep, but you could always come down to Florida

      Yes, the new facebook thing memories, I went back and really looked at some of my posts two and three and even four years ago. It really helped me get some perspective on where i am now.


  5. The beach is the place where you can let it all go. Your gratitude for the wonderful things in your life are basic and steadfast, no matter what curve balls (thunderstorms) come your way. Still waiting for Spring in NJ. Maybe a little bit this upcoming week. I actually saw robins this morning, but I was in such a rush I couldn’t stop for a photo. Have a good week, Erin.


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