Ten things of thankful from my phone


I really hate doing it this way. However my back is just not going to let me sit at the computer desk. Sadly earlier in the week the powercord to the laptop died a sad tragic death. Withdrawals started immediately.

Thankful friends let me use theirs while I was at their house.

Thankful that I can participate through my phone.

Thankful for just us family time we had this morning…I kind of blew up instagram with pictures.

Thankful for a husband that works so hard to provide for our family and gives up sleep to have family time.

Thankful for zyrtec. Yes that’s right…oak trees are in full bloom as well as a few other things….being allergic to over half the plants outside. Thankful I have zyrtec so I can enjoy beautiful weather.

Thankful spring break is over. I just have to survive until Monday morning.

Thankful I feel I had the perfect balance of keeping the kid fresh for school but also plenty of relax time.

Thankful that despite questioning myself…..I took the kid to see To Kill A Mockingbird. I would love to protect her but I can’t. That’s also on instagram.

Thankful for ultracur. Natural remedies are amazing and this one just blows me away. See previous posts…I am not linking because phone. There will also be another amazing fantastic astounding post about it in August. Maybe.

Thankful I got all this done and under three hundred words. Typing this much on a phone is hard,yo.


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  1. Frist. Good for you, Erin, posting from your phone. If I did that it would be hard to read. I’m allergic to all the blooming trees, too. Spring comes a little later up here, but I use generic Zyrtec, too. Hope you get a new power cord ASAP


    • Indeed you are frist!

      I use the generic as well. I also have to consistently use benedryl at night or I won’t be able to breathe.it was definitely something I had to do very slowly …posting from my phone.


  2. I was going to offer to link you, Erin, but then (duh) I realized someone else must have because here I am, clicked over from the linky.
    Yes, thank you for Zyrtec and my other allergy meds that allow me to be functional during allergy season. Be well!


  3. Bummer with the computer!!! That is a nightmare of mine and I’m thankful that you reminded me to back files up.
    Family time sounds wonderful and there’s nothing wrong with blowing up instagram!
    I hope that you are taking care of you and your back and your allergies.


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  5. What dedication! I can’t even imagine what it would look like if I tried to compose a post using my phone–probably a huge, confusing auto-correct mess! Your post actually made sense. 🙂 However, I hope for your sake that the computer is back up and running soon.


  6. phone posts! Ayiiee! I am not worthy!! Every now and then I try to write a Comment on my phone… to write a Post? In-concievable!*

    *great gag from ‘The Princess Bride’ which is, of course, a very good movie


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