Mess free Popsicles


Recently I had coffee with a friend. It was not just any coffee. They have like liquid gold coffee. Hand ground slow drip brewed, in other words the best coffee.

unnamed (3)

We had a nice chat about so many things. She then showed me something her husband had been working on. It was a device to catch the drips from popsicles. There are some other ones out there however, this one seemed to be more aesthetically pleasing than the others I had seen. It also appeared to be quite a bit more durable. I took it home with me with a promise to try it out.

My daughter is nine and half and while I knew it would appeal to her, I also wanted some age variety. We went off and scooped up Snickerdoodle because really if it can hold up to a two year old it can hold up to pretty much anything. Plus it was a great day to go to the park and eat popsicles. Is there really ever a wrong time to eat popsicles? Not in my book there isn’t.

popzgrip unnamed

While my daughter at nine and a half could stick the popsicle in, we put Snickerdoodle’s in for her. Her two year old dexterity is not quite there yet. However the Popzgrip’s sturdiness did allow her to quickly figure out how to keep her popsicle upright, well for the most part. She is two after all.   It caught the drips and was easy to switch out for new popsicles!

After the park we took it home and I tossed it in the dishwasher. That is right, it is dishwasher safe as well.

Want to know more about this?

Check out :

The website here

The kickstarter here

The Facebook page here


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