It is not over …..A call to action…..#1000speak


Did you miss linking up for `1000 voices speak for compassion but want to? Well the good news is; it is continuing!! Be sure you are following the FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+ and the BLOG!


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March 20th 1000 voices speak for compassion is continuing.The subject is still compassion but has a more specific tone, building on bullying. You can write on any subject about compassion and link-up. We just thought compassion encompasses so much we could narrow it down a little as well. Please do not feel you HAVE to write about bullying. We do want to stress that the emphasis should remain on a positive light. Some thoughts to consider: Can we have compassion for bully’s? Why should we have compassion for bully’s.  Do Bully’s deserve compassion? How would I show a bully compassion? Do I model being compassionate to ALL people(including bullys) to my child? How can I show compassion to someone I consider a bully? I will be writing specifically about having compassion for bully’s, not the behavior but the person. It is quite a thought to wrap your brain around, I know.



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Stay tuned for the link up on March 20th and GET WRITING!!!


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    • Publish on your blog and then come back here on the 20th and link up on the link I and the other co-hosts of 1000 speak will be hosting. It will be in my post on the 20th. You must publish first to get the url to link up.


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  3. What a great introduction and call to us all- to see beyond the behavior and see the pain that surely lies beneath it. SO hard, yet an important message to share.

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  4. Great choice, Erin. Just last week I talked with Kidzilla about trying to understand why someone who is mean might behave that way. And it works both ways – we talked about days she was not so kind and what she was feeling that made her behave that way. Powerful lesson and a great skill to be able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Looking forward to your post.


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