Photo and a question Wednesday


unnamed (11)

Every morning we have a choice, groan that it is morning or delight in a new day. We have lived here two years and I think this is the fifth time I have actually captured this image. It happens almost every morning in varying degrees. I could groan and roll away from the light. I could also take a few seconds or minutes to appreciate the beauty in the sun rays drifting through the window. I admit I have probably done both about equal amounts of times. Every time I roll over I say next time I will pay attention to the rays. Its a daily choice.  Which will you choose today?


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    • So true…giving depression any little advantage and it will easily take a mile. It is easier for me to be grumpy though when it is grey and foggy out and those rays don’t come in. It is still worth the effort though


  1. Those are beautiful rays of sunlight you have there! I’m very much a morning person so I would normally choose to bask in those rays and enjoy every second of them. Plenty of time to groan at night 😉


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