Ten things of everyday thankful things


Ten things of thankful. Ten things I am thankful for this week. How in the world will I choose? It has been a spectacular week. How about some of the more everyday things that I am thankful for.Reading all these posts on #1000speak I just keep coming back to how blessed I am.

Thankful for: a bit of free time which I was able to get some guilt free cleaning done while the kid was entertained.

I got off work Monday earlier than expected. While I still had some energy I went home to restore some order to my house. It felt really good to see my floors again.

Thankful for:  A husband that works so hard for us and still manages to surprise me with flowers and chocolate!

I mean really does that need any explanation.

Thankful for : Booking and paying for our vacation.

This year we were able to get even more of a package that means even less planning and worrying for us.We are, of course, going to Disney World. We will be camping as we have the past two years. The thing is, this year I think I can make it on just Ultracur and over the counter tylenol. No scripts at all. No Lortab. No Soma.

Thankful for : 1000 voices of compassion

There have been so many wonderful post.Ones that have really made me think. I am determined to get through all of them.

Thankful for : Reuniting with a friend I had lost touch with.

Well we are facebook friends but it was nice to get a nice in person visit. We worked together way back before I got diagnosed with anything. It was so good to see her and catch up.

Thankful for : the trust some friends have in me.

This week I have just really been humbled with what my friends trust me with.  Probably all that reading of 1000 speak.

Thankful for: a hammock and knowing when I need to go out to it.

I can’t even tell you how much enjoyment I get out of it. I am still able to rest. I am still able to read. I am still able to immerse myself in nature. All these combined equals near bliss.

Thankful for: being able to appreciate the small things.

Catching up with that friend and reading the 1000 voices of compassion posts, I realize how much of a talent that is. To be able to enjoy the sunsets, the way the light plays with the trees, seeing the beauty even in a storm. I just never thought of it as a talent until this week.

Thankful for: my bed.

Let’s state the obvious first, some people don’t have beds. Some people have a love affair with their couch. Me-when I need to rest, its only my bed. It is my sanctuary. I am comfortable just long enough to get the rest I need and then I need to get up.I am pretty sure if it was more comfortable I would never leave it so this is  a good thing that its not quite perfect.

Thankful for: food.

Yeah that whole appreciate the small things….some of that this week has been food. Emotional eating whatever, I craved cheeseburgers this week I gave in twice and man that first bite……stress gone…poof.

And That is that.

Now tell me what you are thankful for……

or go stalk some other blogs who are participating in this blog hop.


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  1. Hooray for vacations and especially being able to make it without prescription meds – that’s huge! I’m totes jelly of your hammock and warm weather right now, as it is snowing AGAIN here. I can’t wait until the ground is no longer white!


  2. I started reading your post, felt a little guilty for not getting more cleaning done today, then thought, “Yes!” to chocolate and flowers and Disney World. I ended your post just wanting to eat a cheeseburger and go to sleep under the covers of my comfy bed. I could relate to many things in this post, from beginning to end! 🙂

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  3. Oh how I enjoy a hammock! Why in the world don’t we have one at my house?!?! Oh yeah, five boys would ruin it in no time. :/
    Catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in years is exciting! I always get a little nervous before such things, wondering how we’ve changed and if we’ll still get along I suppose. It always ends well, though.

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  4. If I really, really want a good nap, I put on jammies and get in bed. Feels soooo good!
    Jealous of your Disney World vacation. Other than the camping part, that is. We went when my kids were about 9 and 13 and stayed on the park. By the last day of our visit, we finally had the meal plan figured out 🙂

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  5. Every week my number one thankful, if I lived in Florida would be that I lived in Florida. I can tell you are immersed in #1000 Speak. Your commitment and participation in all phases of the initiative are apparent and life changing. I just exhale thinking about that hammock.

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  6. you know… I used to enjoy a couch-nap but I seem to have lost that skill! Whether it’s being out of shape or maybe it’s the couch… I can’t get a nap that is worth the amount of work it requires for me to start functioning again (this, after a nap of just, like 45 minutes….)

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  7. Awesome post today:) Isn’t it great to re-unite with friends? I’m not all that into the FB but one thing I appreciate about it is that more often than not you can re-connect with people there you haven’t talked to in years. So special to catch up IRL. Good for you:)
    Another person going on vacation! I’m with Dyanne, Disney = good, camping = not for me lol
    Bed? Couch? Tough call. Tough call:)

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