Friday Brain Drain Ten Things of Thankful #87


What a huge busy week.

I didn’t even realized I had not even thought of writing things down for ten things of thankful until after three pm today(friday).

I can use pictures to look back but my brain is just not interested in engaging.

Error 404 brain not found.

Major Thankfuls:

1. Tax filed and waiting on Tax return now.

Thankful subcategory 1.a

We have enough to pay back loans AND schedule our yearly family vacation.

Thankful subcategory 1.b

We can also stock up on supplies including uniform shirts/dresses for the kid.

Thankful subcategory 1.c

That we have friends who can math because math eludes us and the government tends to frown on messing up their math things.

So Off of the taxes thing….

2. Farmers market makes the list again.

I could not contain my glee when I saw they had fresh Turmeric Root and for such a great price!


3. Even though she was not feeling great in the morning, I got to spend time with  my snickerdoodle.


She really is hilarious. Of course, I can laugh at most of it because well, at the end of the day- I get to leave.

4. Thankful for friends who take such great care of my kid while I work.

5.  Seventeen years ago on Valentine’s Day I met my husband. Three weeks later he was in a serious car accident and on life support. There was no one else for me from that day on.

Thankful subcategory 5.a  Thankful for such a loving supportive husband and such a fantastic father for our daughter.

6. Sunsets and beautiful days. I know your thinking this woman lives in Florida come on…..but seriously its been perfection temp wise. I love it when it is in the fifties and sixties. The breeze has been perfect amount. During the day there has been few clouds but they seem to come out at sunset and set the sky on fire.  (Except Monday.Monday was crappy grey almost constant drizzle or out right down pour.)

14073_862917530422752_6096422365947895902_n unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

7. Squish! I mean he is just too darn cute!

unnamed (4)

Even his witching hours are tolerable because ….see above pictures.

I am stopping here because well if you count it all, I am pretty sure I have gone past ten things; plus I need to go get more chai.


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  1. Oh boy is Squish EVER cute! That smile is worth 10 things alone. Ah, the farmer’s market. Soon it will be open again up here too – can’t wait! I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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  2. Squish is totally adorable. I’ll tell you, Erin, the time will come when I will winter in Florida on a regular basis. I don’t know when, but it WILL happen. The Valentine story of meeting your husband and then the accident – WOW – that’s one to talk about. Glad your tax refund is going far. Have a good week.

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  3. I hope to have “taxes done!” on my thankful list soon, but I’m still working on them. #5 is amazing–you must have known right away that he was the guy for you!

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  4. Wow. That is one serious story of you and your husband’s early days. Happy meeting your husband anniversary!
    That baby is adorable.
    Bryan and I are most certainly going to be snowbirds as soon as he retires. Our entire lives will be about avoiding extreme temperatures.


  5. I so wanted to file my taxes this weekend. Wait! I can still do it! Good for you for getting it done early. I’ve always been a last minute person. Not this year. Tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder:)
    Each time you write about the Farmer’s Market I think how I lived in FL for almost 11 years and did not go to one once! I think I was missing out. I’ve read that tumeric is very good for you but for the life of me don’t know how you use it, what it tastes like.
    What a story Erin. Storybook sweet that you and your husband met on Valentine’s Day but totally awful that he was in an accident 3 weeks later!
    I remember well when the weather would change and you didn’t sweat anymore lol
    As always, nice pics:)


    • Turmeric is an all encompassing support. If I had to pin a taste to it…I would compare it to a mix of carrot and parsnip…I like to mix it with quinoa and carrot pilaf and then its not so noticeable. It is easily over powered so really you can use it in just about anything.


  6. Ugh, taxes! My husband is in charge of that, with much prodding from me. And it also reminds me I need to fill out my son’s FAFSA.
    That Squish is so cuuuute!
    I envy your weather.
    And #5? Wow! What a happy ending!

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  7. Having friends who math is great because I don’t. The Hub does pretty well. And that all reminds me that we need to drop off our tax stuff…we’re behind this year.
    Squish is terribly cute. Your photos are great. I personally hate the weather in the south, but I can appreciate beauty when I see it. I like the pink buds on the tree limb.
    Got an email from our CSA farmers – it’s seed time! Won’t be too long before we have to start thinking about weekly pickups. I also found a farmers market near here that I didn’t know about – very close to home and looks like a ton of fun. So even though we are already signed up for the CSA, I think we’ll still check it out and see what they have. And if I can find turmeric root anywhere it will make me so happy – I have yet to find that anywhere around here. What gives?


    • It can be a tricky thing to grow and it seems to flow in shifts.I think it was a year in between finding fresh. I rely on my supplements and get fresh when I can.
      Hubby does math fairly well but any excuse to hang with friends.
      So glad you found a farmers market close by!
      If I even looked at seeds the wrong way(which is anyway) they die..My herb garden is doing fine because it was established and I mostly ignore it.


  8. I hear you on the taxes. Ours are done and the refunds are coming in. Thankfully! Your Squish is so cute. Your pictures are so lovely. I am very anxious for warmer weather to get here. I do not like the cold.

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  9. My husband is doing taxes right now. No refund for us! Oh well, maybe one day. I’m now a Florida gal and have been LOVING the weather for the last couple of weeks, cool and crisp. Absolutely beautiful!


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