A compassionate Ten Things Of Thankful #86


Sitting at Starbucks pecking at my 1000speak post.

People watching.

Changing seats to get a table,then a table with a plug.

My post for February 20th will be about compassion for other Mothers, So I thought I would make my ten things about motherhood. Maybe, pretty sure I can do it.

Thankful number one

I am thankful that after years trying and losses that we got a keeper. She was worth every bit of the struggle to have her.

32wkslastdayatwork DSC02104

Thankful number two

I am thankful that we survived the first year. We had a huge birthday party and I wont’ even delude myself into saying it was for her. It was for us surviving!.All three of us.


Thankful number three

I am thankful Mothehood has changed me. Changed me in ways I never even knew I needed to be changed.

Thankful number four

Thankful that no matter what has happened that day, no matter how horrible she has been or my day has been or the world has been.Watching her sleep makes it all okay.

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Thankful number five

I am thankful that I went with my gut. I parent the way it works for us- co-sleeping included.

ย unnamed (3)988964_916353668389593_7500505991131861324_n 1610065_786306794727615_1952777496305027937_n 10580142_842704455754515_518520103528212669_n

It is by far my favorite part of the day and gives both of us so much comfort.

Thankful number six

I am thankful for the days that her going to school saved us both!

It is not always sunshine and roses. Mornings are rough to say the least. Sometimes they are outright hellish.

I am thankful we live in an area where she has the opportunity to go to school.

I am thankful we have the ability to choose what school she goes to.

I am thankful that she knows that I am mostly kidding when I tell her tuck and roll that I am not slowing down in carline.

Thankful number seven

I am thankful for friends I know I probably would have never met had I not had a kid.

A kid who attached to another kid and they were friends.

Thankful number eight

I am thankful that even though I am done having kids, I have friends who let me live vicariously through their new babies.

I still get my baby fixes!

Even if sometimes I have to stab my ovaries extra hard to make them stop crying for another one.

10888880_833582826689556_952133951532636889_n 10888835_834425513271954_2584424967047904284_n unnamed (2)601385_426050000776176_656934224_n 1175473_577181985662976_1901489131_n

Thankful number nine

That I get to be part of molding this human being into a wonderful adult. I get to watch the mix of my DNA and her Father’s DNA make her into her own little person. With her own likes and dislikes. It is true sometimes I don’t like what I see. Some of my bad habits or my husbands bad habits in her. Instead of not liking it I can see it as a chance to change myself. Thankful she gives me the motivation to make those changes.

Thankful number ten.

I am thankful I get a fresh look at life daily through her eyes. Things that I forgot or that just fade into the everyday are made new and wondrous and exciting again. I couldn’t tell you how many times I went to Disney as a child.We went as our honeymoon when we were married. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything but the new ones, the ones where I get to experience it all over again through her eyes. Those ones really stand out. So many other places this happens as well. Even more mudane places like the grocery store are new and exciting. I forget that we can learn things no matter where we are but she is like a sponge. A curious one. She inspects the products at the grocery store with an unbiased curious anxious to learn way that is really refreshing. ย The things she spots at parks when we are out hiking, I sometimes feel like I missed out on something when I hike without her.

So there it is Ten Things Of Thankful on motherhood. I am actually quite sure there is more than ten things. This turned into more like ten groups of things.


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  1. A lovely list you have here ๐Ÿ™‚

    I loved that bit about how know you are moulding a child. A lot of people dont realise how every bit of what they do or say or even think has a profound impact on the kids.

    It’s a precious bundle of joy you have there ๐Ÿ™‚

    My prayers and best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. This is so beautiful. I have some of the very same feelings, and I also just adore taking naps with my girl. She’s ten now, so I probably don’t have too many of them left to take and I will enjoy them while I can. I love that your topic for #1000Speak is going to be compassion for mothers. I think that is something that is SO needed and I can’t wait to read it. Have a great week!


  3. A lovely post Erin. Savor every moment with your daughter. My biggest kick out of teaching preschool was seeing the world through children’s eyes. It fills you with love and laughter and wonder. I had a tough time when my first child was born. Compassion for mothers is key.


  4. Every bit of what you said – yes! Looking at your child and thinking “I made this wondrous creature!” I have always loved watching my kids when they don’t know I’m watching them, like through the window in the door to the preschool room, or when they’re across the gym, with a group of friends. Lovely TToT, Erin.


  5. Aweeeee! “now, now ovaries! Keep yourself in check” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This is the cutest awesomeness 10 things to be thankful for. And yes sticking with your gut … that one was really good.


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