All the things TTOT 85


This week went by so fast. It was so incredibly busy but it was apparently one of those good busy.It was like I kept waiting for everything to fall apart. I felt it was just around the corner. Everything would come crashing down. It never did.At the end of the day, everything that absolutely needed to be done was done. Homework was done. Lunches had been packed and shockingly eaten. Freezer dinners got done. Well the house is mess but really is that such an important thing?  So what am I thankful for this week? I don’t think I could pick one thing to be the one thing I am most thankful for. So think of it as I have ten things I am the most thankful for.

I think number one has to be #1000speak for compassion. There have been daily inspiring quotes and blog posts. I have turned to them many times when I was just sure I was moments away from falling apart. We have surpassed the 1000 bloggers goal and we are still going strong. It was incredibly exciting to reach the 1000 bloggers that was our goal. It has been more and more exciting,mind blowing, amazingly awesome to see it keep growing. I have read so many inspiring posts, seen so many inspiring and not to mention well timed quotes.

Number two is going to fall into that I am thankful we have such a great church community.They work so hard to encourage the kids to ask questions, explore and really embrace our seven principles. Recently we had a celebration of our newly chosen  settled Ministers. One of the dignitaries said she had never seen a group of youth religious education kids who knew the principles as well as ours do. Simplified in kid version they are: 1. Each person is important. 2. Be kind in all you do. 3. We are free to learn together 4. And search for what is true 5. All people need a voice 6. Build a fair and peaceful world. 7. Take care of the Earth.  They are definitely inspiring my daughter to keep an open mind and an open heart.

I struggle this week to find things that I have not mentioned yet. I don’t want to say the same things over and over again.However it seems like each week I have new reasons to be grateful and thankful and all that jazz to the same old things.

Number three is for the farmers market.  I was able to get such a good variety of fresh fruit and produce. We truly were able to eat the rainbow! Even gorge myself on clementines which I still have no idea how I ate so many and yet did not get a stomach ache.

Number four is my husband.Seriously not a day goes by that I don’t think about how hard he works for us. How much time and effort he puts into everything. To keeping our family afloat, to fostering a good relationship with our daughter, to making sure we have quality family time,to making sure he still takes times for his friends and to take care of him.It is not an easy thing to balance but he seems to do it with such finesse.

Number five is a work in progress for me. This week I should have gone home and done dishes, and laundry. The house is an absolute mess. Instead I drove to the river.The whole way arguing with myself.

“The dishes are getting ridiculous.  If we go home now , we have an hour to work on them and laundry. Does anyone have clean clothes for tomorrow? I am not sure.”

” I just need to take some time for myself.”

“what was sitting at Starbucks? That was time for yourself.”

“no that was writing,It was work. it does benefit me to get the words out of my head but that is not why I do it.”

” This is so irresponsible, you have responsibilities.GO HOME.. You are going to the river on Saturday anyway.”

” I have a responsibility to center myself too. I am going to the river on Saturday.A different part of the river,with others -not by myself. “

To which point the whole argument devolved into …shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up.

10858542_854851007896071_4321347204331446760_n 10956204_854851074562731_6475519007849652229_n

It was exactly what I needed. I followed my gut and not my brain.It was the right decision.

Number six is that: my size eight jeans I got almost two months ago,fit this morning. I definitely have a muffin top with them.However they buttoned and zipped. MADE MY DAY TODAY. This means in the last six months since I have started serious walking and dedication to walking and eating healthy I have dropped from a size fourteen to a size eight.!!!!!!

The rest of my thankfuls can be summed up in these two quotes I ran across today:

1521352_519681728175117_4932933634096181788_n 10551102_857393230998496_4942832253702289964_n

I am sure somewhere in the rule book this is allowed.


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  1. Sounds as though your exercise regime is working really well 🙂 GOOD FOR YOU! And good for you for going to find a piece of river, and some peace. We just need that sometimes, and I’m glad you have a place where you can find it. I’m glad you had so many things to pick from this week.


  2. Not to diminish the other things on your list (LOVE your church’s values) but a size 8??? That is awesome! That is my goal size and I have a long way to go, but I hope as I heal I will be able to start a walking regimen like the one you do, minus the baby ;-


  3. As someone who often repeats thankfuls, I see nothing wrong with the practice. After all, much of life is repetitive. Might as well find joy in it. 🙂


  4. I often repeat thankfuls. Sometimes things are just that important and just that much of a mainstay. I wouldn’t worry about it too much if something shows up more than once. Maybe it says something.
    Glad your exercise and healthy eating is paying off!


  5. So happy for your weight loss. I know how great that feels. I’m struggling to get the feeling back. I know what you mean about those discussions in your head. Writing is your work, not your time for yourself. I hate cleaning, too and what I do sometimes is clean in spurts. Do 10 minutes of something and run back to my computer. Do another 10 and it doesn’t seem so bad.

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  6. You did the right thing going to the river! I bunked off yesterday to go sledging with the Kid. We haven’t had proper snow in a couple of years, got to make the most of it 🙂


  7. Good for you in your quest for healthy living. In that time frame, the walking has really made a tremendous difference , hasn’t it? Plus, doesn’t walking clear the mind so nicely as well?


  8. If there were a rule that you can’t repeat a thankful, it would knock diet coke and my precious princess kitten off a bunch of lists! Congrats on getting the jeans on, zipped and snapped! Time for yourself is always more important than cleaning house.


  9. “I struggle this week to find things that I have not mentioned yet. I don’t want to say the same things over and over again
    totally what Dyanne said! and…and! as our favorite old saying, down at the Doctrine tells us, ‘you can’t step in the same river twice’… so there is no such thing as repeating a thankful.


  10. DITTO what they said! Haahahah about repeating. A week without Doug wouldnt be a TToT at my house! size 8? Man I have never been a size 8 and would have to repeat that EVERY week!


  11. So glad all the ends and bits fell together instead of blowing apart. That is a HUGE gratitude.

    So proud of your walking and caring for yourself. Who cares about a messy house?

    What a great week!


  12. Good busy is the best busy! And checking things off the list one by one by one – it’s one of the best feelings.
    Repeat thankfuls are inevitable but no less meaningful:)

    “I followed my gut and not my brain.It was the right decision.” Isn’t this true pretty much all of the time?

    How exciting! Size 8! Congratulations!


  13. Just reading through your list, and the heartfelt way you expressed thanksgiving, made me happy. Why is it that we beat ourselves up and the one thing (as you worried about cleaning the house) and forget all that we did right. And how awesome about your weight loss! So exciting. Keep it going.

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