The most equisette day of balance


I often share my struggles and sometimes my good days. This particular day was just about the perfect mix. Sometimes we just really need a day that all our needs get filled. Our soul is restored. I have found it is often something that happens two or three times a year.It is what you aim for on vacations but, don’t always find.  Saturday was one of those days for me.

Saturday we were slow to wake up. It is odd to say getting up at eight thirty in the morning is slow to wake up. When did eight thirty am become sleeping in? Anyway. We had friends coming over to borrow our lawn mower , which was a good motivator to get us up and going. We had plans to go to a nature park. One that we had gone too almost a year ago but suddenly it was calling to me. It had been calling to me for weeks. Today we were answering that call. Gas up the car, drive through McDonalds for breakfast. An hour drive to get there. Honestly I know two years ago I would not have been able to make that hour drive myself and still function. I have come a long way and cruise control does greatly help!

Three hours of just roam the park. Taking in nature, goofing off and just enjoying family time. The kid ran off a head of us several times, hubby and I got to hold hands and stroll the boardwalk.  Plenty of time to sit on benches when my hips/lower back had enough. A few extra minutes to look out at the cypress and really see the environment. A stop at Tropical Smoothie Cafe for lunch for a bit of a healthy lunch, Sandwiches and smoothies.

10891501_851208398260332_4213911948910036661_n 10943064_851208254927013_6358692566202834115_n 10953184_851209998260172_9197890763330173985_n

We crashed for a bit at home ,we all kind of took off for different areas of the house. Honestly I could have just laid in bed the rest of the day. We had a commitment for the end of the day so I knew I needed to get up and going. I was off to Target by myself. Why yes, I think I will have a grande chai latte as I get household stuff. Isn’t it amazing what satisfies us now? Toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, dog food even some clothes on clearance.  Just me and my chai and my thoughts and household products.

A little more rest time. I didn’t even put the groceries away. I had hubby do that. I had about an hour to rest. I was still full from lunch and my chai. No one was really interested in dinner just yet.

My daughter had been rehearsing for several weeks with Robert Killion to sing at a celebration of Pete Segeer’s Life. They happened to be serving drinks. They happened to have wine.I happened to have just enough for a glass.  Some good ole time folk music, wine and the kids thoroughly enjoying themselves. While we were enjoying ourselves, my husband got some alone time too.

It is not often that a day comes together so perfectly. I am still savoring it.


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