Ten Things of Thankful the non-jumbled version #84


I was so busy with Squish and #1000speak and collapsing into an exhausted pile of goo at the end of the day I have not had time to even think about writing my thankful’s daily.In it’s own special way that is also a thankful.  I have thought about them through the week. Must remember to include this.Must include that…But never got around to actually doing it.  So this week they are NOT in date order I know that will throws some of you for a loop.

Number one on my list this week. I mean it is right up there as the most thankful thing.

The science fair project is completely done and turned in!


Number two is the ability to see the beauty around me even when I don’t feel all that great. The first one I saw while on my walk with Squish. The second I saw out of the corner of my eye and had time to turn around and get a picture. Yes, I am that lady on the side of the road taking pictures with my phone.

unnamed (2) unnamed

Number three is very special. The first time I took this path for a walk I saw manatees in the Intercoastal.  They have been hit or miss but it has been weeks and I was just thinking that maybe they had moved on when these two popped up. See those two little smooshes in the water- those are Manatee noses. It was like they heard my wondering about where in the heck they had gotten to. Number four is I am so thankful that we live in an area where wildlife is so abundant.

unnamed (1)

Number five is playground time with Snickerdoodle. Seeing how kind and compassionate my daughter is with snickerdoodle just satisfies me in so many ways. Not to mention it is fun sometimes to go back to dealing with a two year old over a nine year old!


Number six is new things. This was squish with first experience being put in the grass. Bare toes and all. While at nine my daughter still has some firsts, they are not nearly as fun as those in the first year.

Number seven and number eight are math workbooks. First off that my stop at Goodwill paid off and they had not one but TWO math work books for fourth grade. We held her back in second but she should be in fourth grade this year and she is a bit below level in Math so I am hoping the extra work will help give her a boost. Number eight is that even though she eye rolled. She dug right into them right away.

unnamed (3)

Number nine-seeing a fellow friends studio and planning Imbolic. We also splurged and went next door and had the most enchanting Malacala Chai tea complete with tea bread to nibble on.

unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

Number ten. It has been a few weeks I think since I mentioned it, how Thankful I am for my husband and all the long hard hours working two jobs that he puts in. I really don’t know how he has continued to work seventy hour weeks for longer than a month now.

And as a bonus the book Eat Pray Love. I recently started reading it and I just love it and am so entralled in it. It has been a while since I was truly thirsty to devour a book.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I want to live somewhere that has manatees and warm enough weather to see them in the middle of January!
    My fourth just finished his science fair project today. This is the 11th science fair project in my family in the span of 6 years. I am doing a happy dance for sure!


  2. You are right, Erin, getting so swirled up in good things that you kind of lose yourself is a thankful, too. Frustrating, perhaps, when the normal stuff falls aside, but still a great thing.
    I always love your photos – such great ones this week!
    Hooray for finished science projects and math workbooks that help!
    Have a great week!

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  3. I really enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love. I’d love to follow that path. Spending any time outside this time of year is fantastic. I got in a good walk when it wasn’t too windy and for that I am grateful. I love the “firsts” of the first year, and of all the toddler years. I think 18 months was my favorite age of baby. Hope the coming week is great, too.

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  4. What a lovely place you live in, to get to see all that beauty and wildlife!

    I saw a photo recently of a science fair project that showed how much turmoil science fair projects cause families. Google it, if you haven’t seen it and now that you’re on the completed side of the project!

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  5. Great pictures all but the one of Squish in the grass? Excellent! He might not be able to express what he wants to in words we can understand but the face never lies lol
    Reading your post makes me long for the climate and ocean and small town environment I had in New Smyrna Beach. Unfortunately, economics prevailed and I am once again living life within 4 seasons. But that’s ok. I’ve alwasy loved having 4 distinct seasons.
    Congratulations on completion of the science fair project!
    I hated math in grade school. Mostly because I wasn’t very good at it. Good for your daughter digging into those math books. She looks quite determined in the picture:)
    Have a good weekend. Hopefully, with time spent with your husband:)


  6. Confession: I’m terrified of horses. I think I was about 10 or so and I was trying to feed one and it tried to chew my fingers off.
    We just learned that my son is a bit behind in his reading. I had no idea. I feel awful and a bit to blame about being oblivious to that fact. He’s six and I haven’t a clue what the bench mark is. But we have a plan in place with the school. It’s hard when you find out that your kid is having a difficult time with a subject but they are damn determined to work at it aren’t they. Look at her face! She’s all “I’ve got this!!!”
    I love that you were able to pause at the side of the road and take pictures at the small things. What a beautiful place in life to be in 🙂
    Have a great week

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    • secret is safe with me… they do in fact remind me of loch ness.. when they first break the surface you are like what the…is that a pig nose then you see their back and then this oddly shaped tail…


  7. My back closet has about a dozen tri-fold boards in it from Science Fairs, Cultural Fairs, gifted projects. I don’t want them, but I can’t quite bear to part with them yet.
    Love that face with the toes in the soft, green grass! I remember the first time we put our daughter’s feet in the grass and how she drew her legs up like landing gear!
    It’s wonderful that your daughter is willing to work on her math skills! It goes so much more smoothly when it’s the child’s idea and not ours!


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