Ten Things I forgot about


Since I have been spending some time with Snickerdoodle and Squish it occurred to me just how much I blotted out from the first two years.

1. How hard they fight sleep.

I mean I do remember my daughter was putting herself to sleep until like 20 weeks. Then there were things to look at and touch and do. Now looking back in seems oh I just kind of bounced her and shushed her and she went out. Ten minutes into bouncing and shushing and your like ” Please kid just go to sleep. Just let your eyes close and you will be out. I just know it.”  It seems like hours and hours and hours. That hour maybe hour and a half they are asleep. Gone in two seconds. There is also the I got him to sleep but he startled himself awake now he is pissed and scared and tired.

2. Before why comes What’s that?

3. The know it all starts early than I remembered. If you stand on the chair you may fall. I know.

4. Reverse psychology only works for so long. They wise up.

5. The never ending moving. Not only are they moving you are moving. To catch whatever is about to fall. To prevent them falling head first down the stairs. The back and forth to diaper change, the soothing to sleep the chasing them across the playground, to beat them to the parking lot.

6. How freaking amazing wet wipes are.

Enough said.

7. Balls! Balls! Balls! What the hell is it about this round little sphere that is so freaking amazing? Just seeing a ball gives them instant delight. Sometimes it even causes laughing! Get tired of a big ball? No problem! Bring out a small ball. It is a whole new thing! Truthfully my daughter even at nine has yet to loose fascination with balls. She is just a bit more constructive now.

8. How you find wet and sticky things in the strangest places. Sometimes it is a hand print sometimes it is on a toy. Sometimes its on the floor that one you always find with your barefoot. The side of the swing you grab to keep yourself from falling, you almost wish you had just fallen.

9. Never doubt the memory of a two year old. She may not remember that last time she came to the playground she fell; But dammit don’t you dare drop that flower she gave you ten minutes ago. This is how acorns, wood chips, rocks, flowers and any other little treasure they find ends up in the washing machine.

10. How freaking fast it goes yet seems to take forever.It seems like each day takes an eternity. By the time you reach bedtime you just can’t believe all the things that happened in one day.  I am not just talking about poop exploding from diapers and spit up and temper tantrums. The times crises was avoided. The tears soothed. The food prepared and maybe perhaps eaten. Then before you even know it, it’s over. They don’t need you as much. They are so independent. Blooming into their own little person. Don’t think this means you get to rest! The days still take just as long when they are older. You still can’t blink. Just when you think they are completely independent they want their Mommy. Snuggles may come less often but they are still just as soothing and just as treasured.


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  1. What a wonderful post, Erin, and so true – all of it. I laughed out loud at “what’s that” because oh how I remember that stage! Now Kidzilla does a big kid version of it “what does this word mean” as she reads. I remember when Zilla wised up to our reverse psychology tricks. So much for having the upper hand!
    Enjoy every single second!


    • I couldn’t believe I forgot about whats that… and yes the kid does do a bigger version with words she doesn’t know.Still I much prefer explaining words that saying that is a star fifty times in a row


  2. I envy you parents that will have these memories to remind them of the days when their children were so sweet and innocent instead of big, smelly adults who still forget to rinse out their milk glass when they are home visiting. This was a great post.


  3. We’re in the “was dat” phase with my 21 month grandson. He is now adding “Look at dat” to his repertoire. He makes us laugh 100 times a day. Not ready for “why” yet as his 4 year old brother is keeping us busy with that one at the moment!


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