TOTT #82 Title to change


I want to sit here and think it’s not my fault I have been so moody today. First it was grey and foggy and yucky this morning and second my time of the month is coming and third, we were out of coffee and milk for chai. Deep breath.

Well, I guess the responsible thing to do is-tell myself I am responsible for my mood. The sky has the right to be grey and dreary and even foggy. It’s not like my time of the month is a surprise. I mean really. The last part, I knew the night before we were out of those things. Aw crap suck it up buttercup.Look for the good.

1. I am thankful I have a job, even a small job, that allows me to stop and pick up lunch and milk. Oh and yes yes cat food too. The little buggers get really annoyed if they are not fed daily.  It is more like a few small jobs but ….they do get the job done! Ha!


2. A great walk after having the kid tag along the last two weeks. It was nice to have a good pace again. I still wore squish but it was still a good walk. There was no nine-year old asking every two seconds if we were done yet. Although she did provide plenty of entertainment. Especially when she told me she was tired and needed a rest, So she ran ahead to the bench to sit. Because when I am too tired to walk anymore running is what I want to do!


3. I am just glad I managed to get the kid to school before the bell. To say it was a rough morning would be the understatement of the year.

4.Wednesday nights the kid and I co-sleep. It really does help her to get some snuggle time. She squeezed me and said you are an amazing mommy. Whatever I am doing, I am doing something right.


5.Walk with Karen.We had a good pace. We got a lot off our chest. We froze. Hey this is super cold for Florida. Perspective and all that. I know its colder other places. WE went from 80 degrees one day to 34 the next. That’s a pretty drastic change for anyone’s body to handle.

6. Lunch with friends I have known since middle school. and on that same vein. I am grateful each of my friends are in my life. Some help keep me honest. Even honest to myself. Some make me want to strive to be a better person and keep growing. I truly do have wonderful friends. Each one brings their own special talent to our relationship even if they don’t even know they have that talent.

7. Dinner out with husband and the kid. It was pretty awesome. We laughed quite a bit. The food was good. The company even better. We don’t get to do that often so when we do it’s a real treasure. The kid even re-discovered she does in fact like crab legs. When she was seven months until she was like eighteen months or so I worked in a fish mart. She had fresh fish,shrimp and crab to cut her teeth on. She inhaled it. It was very nostalgic to me that I was again cracking crab legs as fast as I could to feed her. She did learn how and was getting quite good at it. Even if there was crab juice and some meat on the wall and a on the floor. Somethings never change.


8.  Chai. It may just be sacrilegious for a coffee lover to admit an obsession with Chai. It is true though. It is strong and spicy with cloves and ginger.  No real worries because it does still have plenty of caffeine which we all know is the important part.

9. Starbucks. I am so glad I have found my mojo. It really is odd that I can just sit down here and spill out several blog posts. I have been talk to text emailing myself little tidbits from my brain when the words are bouncing around too much. I am still amazed though that just re-reading those I can go and finish what I was thinking about. Perhaps it even is better as it has had time to percolate.

 10. I bet if you look really hard. One of my other numbers counts for two. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Hey look at that,I found ten things after all. I did eventually shake off my mood that started Monday.

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  1. I’ve never heard of co-sleeping done that way! I only heard of it done with tinies, or with kids when they’re sick, but I really like that idea – that you have it scheduled. Do you go to bed at the same time as her? How does it work? I’m fascinated!

    Annnnd MAYBE one of your others counts for two. But kicking that mood full of yucks could count for a final one.


    • she used to sleep in our bed.Then she transitioned to her own bed. But she still needs the snuggling. Skin to skin releases dopamine and she has come to need it. OUr bed does not fit all of us very comfy so wednesday when hubby is off playing. She sleeps in our bed and snuggles. When we didn’t do it this way. It would happen just hodge podge normally after a nightmare. It slowly dawned on me she still needed some co-sleeping. It has made things much smoother since we started scheduling one night she knows she gets to sleep in my bed. Oh and we totally go to bed at the same time. Normally around eight. We snuggle and listen to guided meditation. When she feels she has had enough she will move over to the other pillow. Sometimes snuggling is a few minutes.. Sometimes she falls asleep on me and I move her.

      So still ten.

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    • It was a huge jump. It also explained some of my body aches as it was a dry front that brought it. They are much sneakier.. at least when it acctually rains I am like ohyeah…. I did hear that there was snow over in California recently. One place had it that has not had it in ten years!


  2. “I am responsible for my mood.” very cool! (I have that very….sentiment….goal whatever you call ‘a truth to aspire to’ although I use the word ‘feel’ same concept.
    very tough to actually …er actualize! lol
    (but there is a thing, here at the Doctrine, among clarks, that says, ‘anything you see another clark accomplish or otherwise demonstrate is your for the having…. provided</em* that you make yourself available to other (clarks, at least).

    *yeah, always a catch, isn’t there?


    • Incredibly hard to remember. I also tend to take things incredibly personally and have to remember. It is not about me. To step back and look objectively at the situation. Damm I guess those years of therapy really did pay off.


  3. The elan with which you write your TTOT is infectious. I feel energetic after reading your posts. (Espresso, maybe?) Have a good week.


  4. Great List! Love Starbucks! Just sitting there is so relaxing and I may have to try and sit one day to blog! It would be much easier than me trying to knock out a post with screaming kids in the background 😉


    • I try and eek out at least one day that I can get two hours there.I need two hours minimum because I end up spending at least an hour people watching. Starring off thinking and drinking chai. Or if I am being bad eating a pastry.

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  5. I heard someone say recently that the point of relationships is to help each other become better versions of themselves. Sounds like you have that in spades with your friends.
    Yes, 80 to 34 is a drastic change worthy of a complaint or two. I’d be complaining up a storm if I went to Florida only to find 34 degrees.

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    • I agree with Lizzi that is a gorgeous thought. It has been a long journey to get these kinds of friends but I am pretty lucky that I have them.I actually prefer it to be cold. and dry. The humidity kills my ability to …..well…my gumption to do anything. Think of how an alligator basking in the sun must feel just minus the happy feel good of basking.


  6. Wow, this was quite a temperature drop; I hope you’ve recovered from it! Long walks sound wonderful! Since school is on again, I’ve been taking Violet to school and/or picking her up, and I, too, enjoy the walks. Just a much better way to start the day!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Well, you illustrated the point, I think. By making the list, we change our outlook! What good times you had this week with old friends and family. And the morning to got your daughter to school on time? Good for you!


  8. Thirty four is cold no matter where you live, if you ask me. Eleven is colder. Ugh! So glad we’re on the upswing to summer (just ask Clark). Today when the sun wasn’t quite set at 5:30 I nearly danced.
    I love those bedtime snuggles. School nights don’t really work for us for that here, but on weekends we definitely do! And in the summer all bets are off. The years where kids want and need that closeness are far too snort. I’m not pushing that away ever.
    Cats do like to be fed daily, don’t they? Ours are such buggers they get persnickety (sp?) if we’re fifteen minutes late. Spoiled.
    Any morning that goes fairly well here with three ADDers and everyone gets to their life on time is a good day. Hooray for you!
    Have a wonderful week!


  9. I hear you on #3 – I hate morning routine with kids and always feel it’s a huge victory when we get out of the house on time for school 🙂

    Love #4 – and love those moments with kids. I’m sure you do much that is right and perfect in her eyes as mom.

    Lunch with friends; dinner with family – sounds like a good week by all!


  10. I think the walking helps shake those glummy moods. Believe it theory…should actually attempt to prove it in practice far more often than I do. And thank you for pointing out that the fog has finally lifted. I don’t know what that was all about, but for weeks it was grey!


  11. Number 4 is my favorite. Don’t get me wrong…the rest of it was wonderful. I’m terribly glad you were able to pull out of that funk, but #4 with the snuggles and hearing the best words a mama can hear? Hard to beat that. That definitely counts as more than one!


  12. Your TToT posts always make me smile; this one made me giggle out loud. Love the way you turned around your week by not blaming anyone, even the sky, for your mood. Plus, your header is so pretty, it always make me happy to see it.
    We can run out of milk. We can run out of bread. We can run out of Diet Coke (gasp!). But we better by damn not run out of catfood. There are three cats here who circle me like sharks when their feeder is empty. I shudder to think what could happen if they didn’t get their fix.
    34 degrees is cold no matter where you live. It only gets worse from there.
    Your daughter is a gem. She knows a good mama when she sees one. Or has one!
    Running ahead to sit on a bench because she’s too tired to walk is SUCH a kid thing! If I ran more than about 5 feet, I’d probably drop dead.


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