Back on Schedule

 When I realized Winter break was coming up, I wasn’t ready.  Then when it came to the first day of winter break and I didn’t have to get up. No rushing to get out the door. No going through the check list a hundred and ten times in five minutes. Make whatever you want for breakfast , I don’t care I am not getting out of this bed until my bladder is on its way to rupturing! I don’t care what you watch on TV. Okay well I do but watch the approved shows. I totally will know if you don’t from the snuggled depths of my bed. I am a Mom after all.
The first few days, I won’t lie, they were pretty glorious. Then slowly it started happening. We started falling apart. By we I totally mean me. I needed a schedule. I hate that I needed a schedule so I try to live in denial just a bit longer. The inevitable happens because I pushed it off, the kid starts to fall apart. It isn’t even at a time I can send her to bed slightly early. It is like two pm. Instead of getting back on schedule, because hello no school!!! We take naps. That couldn’t possibly hurt right? Ah but there lies the burn. Then we had the I-am-ready-for-an-early-bedtime because I took the time to enjoy the silence instead of napping. This is of course when the kid is wound up the most, Five or six pm. It is totally convenient! NOT! I found I hate making dinner even more when I have a nine-year old asking me every nanosecond if it is done yet.
By the end of the first week I was ready for routine. I was ready for our schedule. The only problem was there was still no school and no one else wanted to get back on schedule. This made starting the science fair project even harder than normal school work. The amount of blank stares and “I don’t knows” reached an all time high. By Friday my mantra was, “Monday starts school!” I love my daughter but twenty-four seven for two weeks of bouncing off the walls and all the questions and even some you never thought of. I was ready for her to go back to school.  I did get a few breaks. Sunday night I was literally craving for it to be morning. I could just see it. We would get up and get out the door. I would actually come to a complete stop and let her out. No shoving and driving off, nope. I would be able to get through the morning routine because I was dropping her off at school. Yeah so that didn’t exactly happen. The coming to a complete stop did. While I was awake most mornings at seven am. I did not have to do THINGS! I did not have to get out of bed  and actually function. I laid in bed pouting. It was grey and foggy and yucky out too. Maybe one more day of break would not be so bad. Oh but wait, I still have to work. I still had a house to go clean and squish to nanny. Crap. Fine. No milk for my chai and oh look, we are out of coffee too. We were only five minutes later than I wanted to be at car line drop off.  The kid was getting out of the car. “Good bye I love you have a nice day.”  blowing kisses. The kid shuts the door. I notice there is no lunch box. Of course! She needs lunch! I roll down my window. ” Oh and today you are hot lunch!” The look I got from her said I just proved every parent everywhere was stupid. Ahhhhhh back on schedule just like that.

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  1. I need routine for things to function properly here, too, Erin. I love my daughter dearly, but two weeks with all of us home (and we ALL have ADD/ADHD, by the way) is a whole lot of home and unstructured. I think we did reasonably well, though. I was ready to send them both packing on Monday morning, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss them by like 10AM. 😀
    Happy back to routine!

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