In Pictures TTOT#81




1. Snuggles at bedtime. That she still wants/let’s me co-sleep with her. Watching her sleep is still my favorite.


2. Two kids. Both napping same time. Enough said.


3. Chai is my newest obsession. Thankful for a gift card to get this beauty.


4. This dude was pretty spunky. I got quite a few good shots of him.


5. Finding peace with leaving our old house and seeing kids playing in it. COUSINS at that! Emotional pain healing.


6.My nephew turned one today! I was able to see him in person.(They live in California)


7. I don’t like spiders… But their webs covered and dew never ceases to captivate me.


8. Nephew snuggles. Despite not seeing me in person until he was eleven and half months old, he still snuggles.


9. Keeping up my walking. Skin to skin dopamine highs from squish.


10. Nephew and his truck. I just love this picture and just loved spending most of the day with them.

This post has been part of Ten Things of Thankful Blog hop.  Because Life sucks sometimes but if we focus on the good, it doesn’t suck as much.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. I love that picture of your nephew with the truck. I’m like Zoe – I think pictures of the back of children are sweet and innocent. I also love watching my kids sleep. They’re all doors shut and everything now, but when I get a glimpse — ahh!

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  2. Your photos are beautiful. Pics of kids walking or running away are both beautiful and sad to me…exciting to think where they are headed, but sad to know one day it is off on their own. Although I suppose that’s a happy thing, too. Sleeping children are beautiful for so many reasons! 😀 I always think mine looks still so baby-like in sleep…much different from the awake version that is growing so fast!
    Happy healthy new year to you!!!

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  3. I love walks with the baby as well, even though it kills my back since he’s quite a big boy already. Cuddles with the nephew sounds wonderful! Love the picture! Co-sleeping is indeed something beautiful! I wished I had a huge, custom-made family bed for all of us to sleep in comfortably!

    Have a wonderful new week!


  4. Love your picture posts Erin. I don’t think there could ever be a “bad” picture of any child:)

    Don’t get me going on spiders! I agree their webs can be amazing and beautiful but spiders in Florida are scary! There’s probably something wrong with me but by the time I moved from there I genuinely regretted any time I had to kill one. Which is to say in the house, at the front, side or back doors, in the garage or on the car!! lol


  5. OMG sleeping babies. Cosleeping. How can anybody not be thankful for that? And skin on skin squish? Love it. So much happiness to you in 2015~~


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  7. Hey (just for the record) photo #6? lets keep track of him, I have a Wakefield Doctrine tshirt that says that he’s going to be a clark. (granted the Doctrine maintains that worldviews do not get established on only permanent basis until 3,4 maybe even 5… but still… he’s got that look)


  8. I love these photos! The black and white one at the end is my favorite! It looks like you had a really great week though. When I’m sitting with my crochet group, I typically have been treating myself to a frappe and now I want one!


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