Please keep believing


When they put that squirming warm bundle of baby in your arms, you don’t think, “I get to be Santa!” When I did realize it, It was quite a rush for me.

Even when my daughter was entirely too young to understand what was going on-I was excited.  When I say entirely, I mean entirely, She was four months old.


(First picture is from when she was four months and a few Christmas’ after that.)

I get to be Santa!!!  (read that in Nemo’s mom’s voice when she says they get to be parents!)

There was of course the holiday clothes. It is now one of my most cherished times. I get to dress my daughter. She gets no say in her Christmas Dress. I let her express her fashion all year-long. I miss dressing her.  The search for THE PERFECT Dress is half the fun.


There is no doubt, that first Christmas, no matter what their age is truly magical for the parent.

Each year became more and more magical as her understanding of the season increased.


When she was younger we were christmas light obsessed. I could not get enough of watching her enjoy the christmas light displays. If I could drink that feeling, I would be drunk.  Now it’s still fun and we still enjoy looking at them but the look of pure wonder is fleeting now.


Then there is Santa. We have had discussions about Santa. You don’t always get to tell the “REAL” Santa your list. However the Santa Helpers take their job very serious and don’t let on they are helpers. The Real santa hears every request. We watch Polar express. I read it to her many times over the year. I don’t think this movie could be more perfect in anyway. While it does add to the story, its in good ways.

The closest I get to that magical mesmerizing wonderment she had as a toddler is when she gets her email from Santa. The excitement to see if she is on the nice list. It is so much less than when she was a toddler but fleeting as it is. I can’t inhale it fast enough. I am not sure who is more excited about this email. Me or her.


People can think what they want. I enjoy the magic and excitement the season brings. I don’t see it as lying and I don’t think it harms at all. This excitement and magic is free. It is one of the best gifts I can get each year.


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  1. I love the magic, too! When my son asked me, I can’t remember how old he was but I felt like he was too young, I had a REALLY HARD time not being completely honest. I was vague, and I think the next year he KNEW (kids in his class w/older siblings) so I fessed up, but I made him PROMISE to never take that magic away for anyone else. Magic is only in our lives in small, fleeting amounts. We have to seize those moments and enjoy them as much as we can! My sister’s neighbor always had a trail of glitter left behind by the tooth fairy, and even the year we lived with my sister, after my divorce, I managed to make that happen. Even though she yelled at me and made me vacuum it up before I left for work in the morning. But he saw it, he LOVED it, it was magic, even for a moment. I’m staying focused on those magic moments with my girls. They’ll be teenagers before we know it!
    Good for you for enjoying every delicious sugar-plum moment!!!

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  2. Oh I can so relate to this post! This was our first Christmas without Santa, in the traditional sense, but I’ve told my daughter than Santa Claus is a way of explaining the magic of Christmas to kids too young to understand. We still feel the Christmas spirit and The Polar Express is my absolute FAVORITE!


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