In just one thought alone- short and sweet…… TTOT #80


Snipping green beans and quietly thinking

Remember not everyone is home enjoying family and friends..

Firefighters and policewomen and policemen Doctors and Nurses Paramedics. And many in the Armed Services are working today.

Some people don’t have a home….some people don’t have family ….or friends…for some this is the loneliest day of the year.

Keep them and gratitude in your hearts today.


Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop Link up

I have ten things of thankful right there in that thought I had. I could sit there and think how boring and painful snipping green beans is, or I can be thankful we have green beans to eat.(1) I could be irritated that I felt compelled to clean the whole house before anyone came over, or I could be thankful I have a house to clean.(2) I could be thankful I had people who cared about us who were coming over.(3) I could be thankful my husband was home and enjoying the day,if not the cleaning, with us. (4)I could be sad that my daughter only had a few presents to open from us or I could be thankful we had the money at all to get her something. (5)She had a few presents but they were bigger on the inside. I could instead be thankful she doesn’t really need anything or really want for anything either. (6) I could be thankful we live in a country where we had such dedicated people who fight for our freedom.(7) I could be thankful for those dedicated to helping others were working and helping those who needed help. (8)It could be us one day. Have you seen the way I cook? Fires, food poisoning…it could happen. Speaking of which I am thankful that neither of those DID happen this time.(9) This may seem a bit redundant but I am also thankful I have so much to be thankful for, when I really stop and think about it. (10)

And not to be forgotten……PICTURES

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  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL list of thankfuls! I love it! It’s been on my mind lately too. . . Christmas seemed like just another day at my house. My husband had to work & our family is thousands of miles away. . . BUT, I am thankful he has a job & works so hard to provide for us & that we have a beautiful house to live in. . . & all the other things that go with that.


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  3. You made this perfect. What a SUPER way to wile away the time preparing beans. I couldn’t help but nod my head to each and every thought. *grins* You’re a good’un 🙂

    And I LOVE the bit about your daughter’s presents being bigger on the inside. That’s awesome 🙂


    • For me it is all about the magic and excitement of opening the presents so I normally go crazy at the dollar store so she has tons to open. Doctor Who is wearing off on me for saying they are bigger on the inside. But they were. I mean a tablet is huge! She also got some fashion design kits so fostering creativity is also huge!

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      • A tablet’s huge on the outside, too 😉

        I used to like all the magic and excitement of opening presents, but I think when I was little, I got put off by being judged for being too ‘grabby’, and one Christmas when we were very young, my parents decided that my sister and I had been too obsessed about OPENING EVERYTHING and were appalled at how we behaved, so they put a stop to all but token presents after that, so that we would LEARN that it was NOT okay to be grabby.

        Now I like presents, but prefer the givers to the gifts. It’s only just occurred to me that that experience is probably contributory to why I struggle with gifts sometimes – I’m a far better giver than receiver. Hmmm.


  4. Happiness really does come with being content with what you have. There is nothing wrong with getting only a few presents for Christmas. I’d say it’s better that way.
    Glad you had another successful year in which your cooking didn’t lead to disaster. 🙂


  5. I was so happy not to get totally sunk with too many gifts this year. Im like lizzi and purchase animals or something like that for a charity and give it in the name of other folks… very few of the people in my life are in true need. I reminded people early on about not wanting gifts like madhouse…so it was great! I often have way too much and feel overwhelmed by that… Im with you and the fun of watching the kids open things and enjoy them is a blast. Loved your list… nicely done!

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    • thanks
      For her birthday this year she is considering just asking for donations to an animal charity. Her BFF is doing the same thing and every year right before school starts we go to Disney for her Birthday so we don’t technically get anything other than massive amounts of family time. Maybe a souviner or two.


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