So maybe it is not starbucks


With the dawning of realizing winter break was almost upon us I decided I needed chai.  It is not something I normally keep in the house. I go to starbucks I have a chai latte and I vomit words. It has been this really nice weekly groove. I get to people watch. I am mostly happy with what I write while there. Most of the time , I even submit to other places.  I empty my brain of words, temporarily. It is a good thing. Words rattling around in my head keep me up at night.

So I had one today. At a time where I didn’t have time to vomit words. I had a kid in the car so I could not even do talk to text. Have you tried to do that with a kid in the car? Don’t try to read it. Just hit delete. Trust me.

I was laying in bed still awake at ten pm which if you know me, you know that is unusual. It was the chai. I knew it was too late for caffiene. The drama of a nine year old who was too tired to admit she was tired, necessitated caffeine. So there it was ten pm and my brain is still a mile a minute pinging back and forth all over the place. If you put me in a room with nothing visually stimulating, I would still be distracted.


And none of that was what I wanted to write about when the laptop was not out and I was trying to go to sleep. Sigh.

So I pop out the laptop. Get into wordpress. Hit the new post button.

What? I had all these thoughts… all these words…


Brain: nope , I got nothing. Okay well just write what you were thinking and it will come back.


Brain: nope.

I should be writing this down. I need to vomit these words. That is why I am still awake. No I am still awake because I had chai and we have no benedryl or aspirin. I need to get those tomorrow. Oh crap tomorrow is such a mess. And I have the kid to deal with too. Sometime I need to get to the dishes and get this pig sty cleaned up for christmas. mmmm chai. Man that means I have two kids to watch tomorrow. Definitely making the kid take a nap with the baby. We should all take a nap. In the heat of the moment, who came up with that phrase. How did that become such a common phrase.Do I have enough christmas presents for her? I am thinking not but I dont want to get anything else. Shit. Tomorrows monday what do I want from the farmers market. Sweet potatoes and green beans I need those. Maybe I should have more chai.  No it’s too late then I will really never sleep. Okay yes definitely getting the laptop out and vomiting all this out.  


So maybe it is Starbucks after all. There is just some kind of mojo. I rarely find myself sitting there not sure what to write.


So there is the answer to why my writing might not be so good or timely these next two weeks. I don’t think taking the kid with me to Starbucks will work at all. I am sure I will have SOMETHING to say. The words need to leave my brain after all…….whether it is any good or worth the read… that will be up to you.


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