Two week winter break starts when?


Sometimes I am on the ball with school breaks. This time, not so much. I just realized Monday that I have a week of daytime freedom left. What the?

I would like to say we have all these great wonderful meaningful activities planned. I would like to say I will even do something like that now that I have realized it. I have a feeling it will not go like that at all. This is not to mention I have not wrapped a single present yet. I have not even gotten all her presents. I have only gotten a few. This is not to mention I have not even given a thought to Christmas dinner.  Who is coming? Who is not coming? What we are even eating? If I can even get the house clean in time?

We are making Christmas cookies Sunday after church. We will probably go to the light display again. That is about as far as I have thought things out. I have felt easily overwhelmed since starting working again. Even if it is part-time, even if it is kinda fun. I have tried only planning one week at a time. That was how this two weeks surprised the crap out of me. There is cleaning to catch up on from that. I really could use that talent to snap my fingers and the house was clean. Mary Poppins needs to train my house how to clean its self.  The cats and dog are not interested in cleaning like those woodland creatures in Snow White did. They really are quite the free loaders.

I would look forward to sleeping in, if I thought that would happen.

I know the kid will be up early. She always is. The first few days of break she will probably barge in on me at her normal time. No later than six forty-five. I know my body enough to know that it is too trained to be up and doing things by eight am. I happen to know she is getting a tablet for Christmas so I am sure after Christmas she will be on that for quite a while. Which will lead to TV brain meltdowns. Which will lead to me feeling guilty I let her play on it so much. Which will lead me to over do it pushing myself. I will try to do too much in one day to make up for it. I wish I could just let my chronic illness’ know that a flare is not allowed to happen. I need my pain levels to stay within normal range please! I know , I know. Pace, pace, pace yourself. Pacing kind of goes out the window when the kid is around.

We will definitely need to be getting out of the house at least for a bit each day. I plan on keeping up the walking, I plan on dragging her with me. We will probably do a few hikes as well.  I get cabin fever just thinking of staying home all day with her. I hope to get at least one grocery shopping trip in without her.

Oh and the best part, my house will be smelling like rotting strawberries. Because science fair project. It seemed like a good topic at the time. Now that we actually have to do it. Not so much. I love science. I hate science fair projects, always have.  Add to this the kid does not like to write at all. So there will be hair pulling out and head banging on brick walls.

Let’s see there seems to be something else I was going to say about this whole winter break thing.

Oh yes, I will need to figure out ways to pawn the kid off for a few hours here and there for my sanity. Play date anyone?You get to keep the kid for a few hours. I know I will have to take your kid for a bit too. This sounds like a lot but strangely enough, it is easier when there is more than one kid around.

I see lots of sugar and caffeine in my immediate future. Have you tried to keep up with a nine-year old without it,especially when both mother and child have ADD? I can tell you now , it ain’t gonna happen at our house. GIVE ME CHOCOLATE! GIVE ME COFFEE! I am thinking I need to train her to bring it to my bed.

It used to be when any school break came I felt the need to plan out every single day. I do need to put together some school work type things for her to do. She is so much like me in that respect. She has to keep doing it or she will lose it. Yeah we will probably figure that out day-to-day.

Will we make memories? Absolutely! Will we both survive it? Absolutely! Will I be ready to push her out of the car when school starts again? Absolutely!


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  1. I have a flare and the start of bronchitis so I could not take my shot. I have a Christmas Eve party to put together too, but I have my husband who is wonderful. I try not to stress so I can hold on to the joy of the season. Stress is not worth it when you are chronically ill like we are. Give yourself grace in bucketfuls. I will pray your have a wonderfully, blessed holiday. 😉


  2. Erin, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Had to laugh because I was wondering when school starts again around three o’clock when Kidzilla was in post-school-party mode. But we’ve settled into our first evening before break and it’s a nice feeling.


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