TTOT 79 The Real Deal



I kinda feel like I have been glossing over things on this list……so I am going to try and make it a bit more real. I know part of the thing is to focus on the good but I think I forgot to mention the downs too. That balance thing. Of course there will still be pictures but I want it to be a bit more of um…both, also known as real.


Wow was Monday a roller coaster of emotions. I did not want to get up. I did not want any responsibility to get a another human being somewhere. Coffee helped.  I got my cleaning job done. I got to talk to my sister who lives in California. I didn’t even know I had anxieties about her and her situation until after we talked and they were gone. Huh. Then I made a glitter bomb for a certain someone in England. I found something that just screamed her name this weekend. Making the glitter bomb in my car, perhaps not the best idea. Perhaps though it was because everytime I saw the glitter I giggled. Computer tutoring done and on to the post box and the grocery store. My energy plummeted dramatically after getting home from picking up the kid. So much to do, was feeling rather overwhelmed and truthfully a bit depressed about the limits of my body. Wow was that a run on sentence. I took some Ultracur and hoped it kicked in enough to get dinner done. It did. I am not however catching up on any cleaning whatsoever. Really I feel like I walked around with my emotions hanging out all over the place today.

However, Thankful I survived the day relatively in tact with food for my belly and a warm home.  That is three for anyone counting.


I got my walk in. It was odd. I was looking forward to it despite my body saying no. Despite the muscle spasms around my hips.  Despite not liking my new shoes and not enough support in them.  I didn’t feel stiff or sore until we stopped. Getting in the car-not pretty. Head home to try and clean up the house. Open the door to find the dog got in the trash.  Because I was not overwhelmed by the amount of house work I had to do already.

However I had a great lunch date with a friend to break up the overwhelming amount of cleaning to do.

Grateful for friends who provide an escape.

Grateful I was able to make a balanced dinner.

Grateful I realized I was having mostly first world problems and after a bit more pouting, moved on.

We did have an impromptu time with with Princess P. We fed the cows!



Grateful I finally remembered to get my bloodwork done. It was only three vials and a urine sample this time. AW CRAP. I was suppose to walk around to the actual doctors office and make my “womanly” appointment. Sigh. Well one thing at a time.

Insanely grateful to Starbucks because COFFEE!! However it has also been a great place for me to get a crap load of writing done. I have kept content on my blog and gotten essays out to other outlets for publishing.

I think that brings us to eight.

SURPRISE I got to see my sister who lives in California and her boys.

10391434_823569837690855_495868624415120762_n 10801962_823569934357512_9144457182747301166_n


Wow, Thursday it was like I got my groove back a bit. A great day of escape with my friend and christmas shopping. I got a laundry organizer and like a bakers hutch type thing for the front entry. Ridiculously excited about the laundry organizer.  It also turned out to be a highly productive day!

Grateful for friends is number nine.

Grateful for a chance to catch up on housework and feel productive.


Hey guess what I didn’t realize I was missing? Skin to skin time with squish! I don’t think I realized how strongly we are bonded.


Then the solstice celebration and so many things just feel into place in my spirit that when we came home. I fell asleep and actually slept really really good. First time all week.

1506863_825354097512429_51961199038254893_n 1937453_825354050845767_1199425731352304833_n 10407561_825354157512423_3167317529879356574_n 10433205_825354117512427_5554274933933854263_n 10615960_825354140845758_4974915136719350316_n


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  1. That is so nice you got to see your sister! I get what you mean about feeling overwhelmed by what needs to be done and your body not wanting to do it. You are an inspiration to me the way you keep powering through it. Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday!

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  2. Yes, I hate cleaning and will think of anything to avoid it. I try to keep things picked up during the week and then I chose one day (usually Monday) and I just go for it. Music, thinking time and hey, it’s a form of working out. That’s the way I get through it. You had some wonderful things this weekend, especially seeing your sister. Enjoy the holidays.


  3. Your solstice celebration looks interesting. –In Japan, it is customary to eat pumpkins on this day, and some people take a hot bath with fragrant ‘yuzu’ citrons in the tub.–
    Have a great weekend!


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  5. Oh! I’m glad you shared more about your days that are not so good. I can tell it was sort of therapeutic for you. I hate that you have to experience much pain and discomfort. You seem to do so well to try to stay healthy though so I know that most likely helps you in so many ways. I’m glad you had such a great week with friends and family. I love that everyone sends Lizzi glitter bombs. Perhaps one of these days I will be able to jump on the bandwagon. 🙂

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