Looking with perspective TTOT 76


Ten things of thankful Friday.

Which was delayed due to a transformer blowing up and we were without power. So starting my saturday extremely thankful for power which means, lights and coffee and heaters and flushing toilets. Did I mention coffee? It was in the forties last night so we slept in layers under layers of blankets to get warm enough to fall asleep. Space heater you are my best friend ever!

Back on task though…..

The one that is overwhelmed with pictures because it is allllllllll the things! I mean seriously be prepared to be overwhelmed with pictures. I got a little nostalgic and went on a picture tangent.

I forgot to write again. So I decided to count down the things I am thankful for since it is Thanksgiving. I put on my perspecticales and looked around for an over-all thankful look.  Here is what I saw.

10. Our landlord working with us on rent so we can stay where we are. I am really thankful for this. It is a huge relief to know we have a home for a price we can afford. It is in the perfect location for us , close to school work and church!  Also feeling better about the neighborhood after a drop off with a friend who was also donating things. My neighborhood looked upper class comparatively. There is that perspective again.

unnamed (5)150482_571253849566245_362387922_n

9.  A husband who works so very hard to provide for us in so many ways. What he does for this family is nothing short of amazing. Proof determination does pay off. Thankful that when he does have time off he wants quality family time.

10454543_714500295264477_348990304453746301_n (1) unnamed (2) unnamed aug1 aug3 1465283_603091569738684_1131508353_n DSC02409 200358_177742305606948_4313934_n 1146309_556745674373274_1581552546_o 406562_300240500023794_1541699124_n DSCI0155 998604_615302378494725_74649146_n 10710874_858487067509587_4416313854620575891_n 1800217_739313366116503_7274582823488133_n

8. A kid who has such  a beautiful heart. She was so upset that there was land being cleared to build houses because the animals didn’t have a home now. Then she asked if it was houses for the homeless because that might be okay then. She amazes me with the things she picks up on. It took a minimal amount of convincing but we have enough and are able to donate what is extra to others in need. Toys,clothes, books and other things we have outgrown being given away.

unnamed (4)

7. Farmers market that is round the whole year. Oh my brussel sprouts!


Cooked these brussel sprouts the day I got them. They made me drool and I was craving them by the time I had to start cooking dinner.

Even if I do find dicktators…..I wasn’t really paying attention to the potatoes I was cutting. I was helping the kid with homework. I look down and see a penis.


Seriously though I never thought about that others didn’t have access to a farmers market year round.

6. Branching out and perusing more and more alternative medicines and finding relief in them! Check out this post!   I am amazed how close the result is to juicing fresh Turmeric root.

unnamed (1)

5. Friends that don’t judge, who just support and love. Acceptance is a huge thing. Support in just being there, helping us with whatever we need. Can’t say enough about this! We truly have some of the best friends around. Sometimes the size of our support net astounds me.

Sept16 sep192013 1000724_551872884860553_1756663457_n 581524_10151800548308818_2098301560_n1560427_782615198452986_4765103904416601320_n 10311774_800426130005226_1128354960464154972_n 10392380_10203201441737874_3707097741206369511_n 10450777_760966770617829_1763951475910376108_n 10469469_767537459960760_2483154142754130349_n

4. Baby donkeys .This is in the same pasture as the goats.  The mama has been gone for a bit and I just assumed she was in a different pasture.

unnamed (3)

3. Fall is officially here. Changing leaves and leaf joy included!

unnamed (1)10428419_805155449532294_8949222884336410099_n11400_805135059534333_8995846280610033116_n10372115_805155319532307_8479253379480032230_n

2. Friends who share their kids!  Loving on them just as much as my kid gives me so much joy.

10409571_807662545948251_6345708456357855318_n 10556444_807662605948245_652575739725086043_n 10670057_803415843039588_4806936923360876362_n 10671270_805135146200991_314151130758818513_nunnamed (2)oct4oct5sept30may16march23june 9thpenelopeMATTIEResizedImage_1384476576096unnamed (1)IMG_20140715_125150

1. Sunsets. Falling in love with Florida. Appreciating the beauty around me. Had you asked me several years ago I would have said I wanted out of Florida. Changing my perspective.

10406695_807104479337391_624746359032553632_n 10685801_807719049275934_2343374330585658832_nunnamed (2) 1234469_805135336200972_504689360767380545_nunnamed (10)july30aug7unnamed (9)unnamed (8)unnamed (4)unnamed (5)unnamed (5)37030_724745067573333_2097281937298862562_n10501735_726505200730653_4982413714486172133_n10408100_725489774165529_8168915565282407261_nunnamed (2)

okay I don’t know what this picture’s problem is. It kept going here instead of in line with the others. If you really look under the tree. that thing that looks like a log. It is not a log. Its an alligator. I noticed him after I took the picture of the tree and its reflection.

If you got this far and put up with alllllllllllll my pictures. Bless you.

What are some things you are thankful for?


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  1. WOW – so many awesome pictures! I just love the ones of your Hubby with the kids – so sweet. It’s easy to see that his personality and your generous spirit have rubbed off on your daughter who is so concerned with all living creatures. I am headed over to email Casey for a free sample of that supplement RIGHT NOW! Thanks for linking to your review. Have a great week 🙂


  2. Perspective really is everything, Erin. That is a wonderful gift to have.
    Your daughter certainly has a good heart! I often hear Kidzilla say things like that – she’s sad that new buildings displace animals or kill trees and I pray that she holds on to that awareness of how our actions and progress affect the world around us.
    What you said about people not having year-round access to a farmers market? That is a great thing indeed and we have one here so yes, spoiled. But the thing that always still amazes me is that there are areas in our own country where not only do people not have access to a farmers market, but to fresh produce at all. Mind-boggling that we can’t manage to even the playing field better in a country as wealthy as this. And that’s a whole other discussion.
    Your photos are lovely – all of them. Evidence of a happy and blessed life!

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  3. I’ve seen some strange looking potatoes before but never one like that 🙂 Loved looking at all of your pictures. I’ve been to Florida 4 times now and have yet to see an alligator 😦


  4. That is the WORST about power outages…no coffee!! The toilet thing comes in second lol.
    Excellent photos FB. Nice blending with your thankfuls:) Pictures often speak louder than words.
    Your daughter shows a generous, loving heart and a concern for others and nature that frankly, you don’t often see in children nowadays.
    Farmers markets – they are wonderful but I haven’t been to one in years! Kind of late in the season for where I live now but come spring? I’m there!
    I admit to having had a love/hate relationship while living in FL. I’m curious – where are you from originally and what tipped the scales for you about staying in FL?


  5. This was such an amazing post! I felt the thankfulness and the love throughout the entire read of it. Your daughter sounds like such a great kid. Love it! Your hubby sounds just like mine. So nice that you have supportive friends. Nope, you are right. We don’t have a farmer’s market year around. Well, the one that I was going to go to wasn’t year round and it was canceled this year so I never got to go. There is another one that is not as close. I’m going to have to see how close we are to that one and see if hubby will be willing to take the ride over there. 🙂


  6. I LOVE all of the pictures! What a fantastic look at your family! You are truly blessed. You know what’s funny is that I scroll through your pictures and it’s Florida. I am so used to seeing pics of snow and fall colors….here it’s water, sunshine, green trees, and alligators.


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