The week without Starbucks TTOT #75


Do not let the title fool you. I had coffee.  I even had Starbucks coffee. I just didn’t get to sit in Starbucks and write, so it’s a good thing I am scheduled ahead.  I also forgot to start and write daily for this Ten Things of Thankful. Ooops.

So lets do something slightly different from my normal set-up for Ten Things Of Thankful. This week we will go BACKWARDS! I am also not going to count. I am sure that breaks some rule somewhere. Rules were meant to be broken, sometimes.

Starting with Today: FRIDAY

I made it to the store with my list. I got everything on my list. I am making a German dish for the Thanksgiving/heritage potluck. I am sure I will enjoy that as well.



I got to play with Snickerdoodle.  I got to play with Squish. I walked my four miles. I completely enjoyed the weather. It was 46 when we started our walk, 53 when we ended. Don’t worry though I still sweated like crazy.  I did however crash completely around four pm. Luckily my husband was home and could take over and DID.

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Well Wednesday was pretty much a waste. I flared pretty badly. However, I am reviewing a product from Ultracur. It is pretty amazing. I use Turmeric regularly. This is clinical levels of Cucurmin. Stay tuned for a full review of this product!


We had AC people coming Wednesday and They were going to need inside the house. This meant I had to clean the house. I don’t normally do the whole house on one day. I did go for a walk. We got our four miles in. I was pretty impressed with how much cleaning I did get done. I also cleaned the kid’s room and lived to tell about it. It was a glimpse into what her college dorm room will look like.  I didn’t ask why things were sticky or what the heck it was.


My cleaning job got done. I am still very thankful for that income. Farmers market was fun this week. I am loving all the in-season stuff.  It makes it much more budget friendly and we can get so much! Lunch with my friend was interesting. I have come very far in controlling my anxiety and panic attacks. One thing that will always trigger a panic attack. Tornado. We were sitting outside. My phone alerted there was a Tornado Watch. Thankful for Ativan and it working! I have less issues with it when it’s not an immediate threat. I can write some of the details. I can say it. I still get that anxious feeling but not panicky. It stems from a real event when I was young.


I don’t always include the weekends but, we had a busy one. One I am especially thankful for. Our church took the kids on a hike . This is an annual field trip they take. The kids really enjoy it and look forward to it.  They then got to have lunch all together. They were then off to see the Youth Opera perform The Hobbit.  I am so thankful for our church and the members there who make sure my child is so well rounded.  She is exposed to things that we would not have the money to expose her to, like the arts. It was also very nice to have a mostly kid free day that I didn’t have to run around doing errands or cleaning.

NOW I want to know what you are thankful for? Can you list ten things?


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  1. Thank you for hosting another TToT link up! I have been doing Ten Things of Thankful every day of this month on my blog FB page and it’s getting a little trickier the longer the month lasts! Ha! But as you say, if you stick with it you can always find SOMETHING to be thankful for!


    • It was a brautwurst potoatoe skillet dinner. I share the recipe on my Facebook page for the blog.

      Yes our little trailer is getting central ac…maybe… They found a bad smelling leak under the trailer and they did not want to crawl around in it. I am not quite sure why? Coveralls should work for that.



  2. where are you that you have a farmer’s market going in NOV.? Lucky you! I just looked at your bio and didnt see where you are but 40s and 50s isnt that warm … well… we had snow so maybe it is…


    • We live in Florida. We have a fairly large amish community and while some of it is not locally grown it is organic pesticide free from other amish farms. I would say though 75 percent is local.

      For Florida 40 is frozen. I am rather enjoying it. Thirties and below not so much but that is mainly because we don’t buy clothes for that because we get so little of it.


  3. Sorry my computer is quagging out. Let us know how the German dish goes, sounds interesting.
    Nice week. I know you’ve had cold (hahahahahaha) weather, where you had to wear SOCKS and everything! Poor things. It was a high of 17 the other day, and that was just for an hour.
    We got up to a balmy 29 today, so I made all the kids go outside and 2 out of 3 were CRYING within about 10 minutes 🙂


  4. I really love a good farmer’s market. There’s a great one in a city a little way off from me, and sometimes on a Saturday, I’d get up early and take one or more kids to visit it and get bread and cheese and olives and gorgeous fresh produce and just see what was going on. Hasn’t happened for a while.

    Glad you’re having such a great experience with your church, and well done with all the walking still 🙂 Keep up the good work.


  5. I’ve always wanted to write my novel sitting in the cafe of Starbucks smelling rich roasted coffee and drinking lattes with double or triple shots. Instead I’m sitting at home with a Starbucks K-cup of coffee in my pjs typing away. I love the idea of a heritage pot luck. Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. I had no idea there were Amish markets in Florida.


    • The city about twenty mintues away has a large population of amish.

      I really missed it this week. I thought it was such a cliche but it really was amazing how much I got done and how much stronger my writing seemed to be for it.

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  6. Whew! I got stuck at the title! I’m certainly glad to hear that you had coffee and Starbucks coffee at that. I am laughing at the comments about the AC people and the farmers market….only someone who lives in Florida could understand those things in November! I actually had to turn on the heater for about half an hour to take the chill out of the house this week. The a/c is back on now :). I would love to open the windows but with the wind today I’d have oak pollen blowing through which is not a good thing. Sounds like another good week for you!


    • Oh yes. They are definetely on the #floridaproblems side. The kid and the husband have turned on the space heaters here and there. No the pollen is so high right now. I can’t dry up my Post Nasal at all. I get maybe an hour. Zyrtec and Benedryl are working overtime and not keeping up. I don’t have the ac on yet…probably soon though. There is always coffee. Always. Its like liquid sanity. It really was a pretty good week all in all


  7. “Rules” is a strong word when talking about the TToT. More like loose suggestions. 🙂

    Central air would be a very welcome thing in your neck of the woods, I’m sure. Window units are ok, but nothing like central air.

    Sounds like a good week, minus the flare up on Wednesday.


  8. Have to tell you I stopped counting my TToT’s many many weeks ago. I just go with the week as it was and I think I usually hit ten anyway.
    Love the German dish….would love to see more but I am a non-Facebooker.


  9. Our farmer’s markets are gone for the winter now, but we don’t have tornado watches to worry about so I guess it’s a fair trade. I’m glad you had a good week even if you didn’t get your Starbucks time in 😉

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  10. Farmers’ market is Heaven on earth. Good work on the consistent exercise, with house cleaning on top. That is quite a feat!

    Learning how to control anxiety is so freeing. I am glad you were able to get ahead of it and YUCK to tornados. We only have earthquakes-which have no warning.

    The counting backwards was fun to read. Like a bit of time travel. I may need to try it.


    • HEY I didn’t even think of that time travel part… and Lizzie took us on Time travel as well!

      I have only in the last two months i think been able to do housework and exercise in the same day. Its still kicking me but I actually did it so there is that.



  11. I miss the farmer’s markets. They stop them here in October usually and um, sorry but cold? It’s been 31 some days here!!! Here’s to your cleaning job being done and to managing your anxiety… that’s not easy to do..


  12. (don’t listen to Christine!! she knows very well that we take our (secrets) Rules quite seriously! that’s why there’s a whole Secret Book of Rules (aka Book of Secret Rules)! (do I have enough parenthesiseses?) Sure!

    Really enjoyed the backwards time thing for your Post today (or is that yesterday)… (just to be safe) tomorrow I will look back on your Post and enjoyed it.


  13. You certainly have much to be thankful for this week – congrats on keeping up with the walking. And I am certainly envious of you living where there is still discussion of a farmers market and AC in November. We had freezing rain yesterday. Sigh. Happy Thanksgiving!


  14. I love that stretch of time between AC and heater. No paying for conditioned air for just a little bit of time. Makes me feel like I am getting away with something naughty! But if you are still having AC issues, I am wondering if you know what I am talking about, or if it feels like I am a lunatic!
    I need to use your good example of the walking program.


    • We have wall units and they have been off a lot more than they have been on lately. Today they are solidly on as it is over 80 today.

      Walking. It was hard to start and harder to maintain but worth it.


  15. So I had to laugh because I just sent an email to the director of my son’s novice hockey league because they have not turned on the heaters in the arena.
    I am a friend of the Ativan as well, well was. I’m glad that it is working for you but I’m not glad that you have to use it. Anxiety is one hell of an evil thing to deal with.
    Wanna clean my house?
    I’ll pay you in cookies?
    Or Ativan.
    Cookies laced in Ativan?


  16. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about Curcumin. I just recently have heard about it, and it sounds like it really makes a difference for some people.


    • that post will be up wednesday. I am super impressed with everything i have read about it. I did a lot of research then found i could more eassily afford the Turnermic. The curcumin capsules were far superior.


  17. Sounds like such a great week! Being able to clean completely is like a big deal for us moms. I totally get it. I have a 2 year old so you can guess how long things stay clean around here. 🙂 The kiddies in that photo are so cute!


  18. Hi, I am trying to walk too, but it is hard going. You are so lucky to have warm weather. we don’t get too bad in SC but it rained all day today. I think we may end up with snow this winter again. Our farmer’s market closed down too now. I love them, but I go to the bigger one the next city over. It is so nice and the building they have it in is really quaint. They have more farmers there too with meat in addition to produce. I can’t wait to read your review on Ultracur. I have fibro and RA or PsA, the doctor has my arthritis listed as undetermined or polyarthritis. I will have to look into Tumeric. Thanks. Will check back on your review.


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