common core-prep and resources for testing.


I understand there is so much controversy over Common Core. The thing is, if your state has adopted it, its time to accept it. At least as far as dealing with homework and testing. It does not benefit your kid at all to sit there and tell them this way is stupid.  It means you, as the parent, have to put a little more effort into helping with homework. I realize this may mean staying up late or doing more research. It is not my favorite thing to do but I want my child to succeed so I have spent some time trying to understand the standards and what and how they will be tested on these standards. I have taken it as I am learning something new. There may be nothing wrong with how I learned. There maybe nothing wrong with how our children were being taught. This is here. This is what we have to focus on . Your attitude on the new methods affects your child’s thoughts on their work. I do understand most of the upset about them. I also like to point out, new or different doesn’t mean bad. It’s a change and change is not easy to deal with. Especially when it comes to ” how we have always done things.”  Well, to us a well-known quote, “if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. ” Mark Twain.

Really helpful Video That explains Common core math

So I have started checking out the sites that show the testing standards and what they are looking for. Maybe I am one of those mean Mommies that give extra homework. I get that this is a rough start for common core, so I am going to help as much as I can at home. YOu know that whole hearing it from multiple people really does work.

These are the sites I have used and below that are the ones I found for other states.

This one you do have to register some of the things you have to pay to download but I found a lot of things I could download and print free.

These are not in alphabetical order but in the order I found them.



New york


I found this one only after starting to go state by state. Organization is clearly lacking but hey.


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