The week it all seemed to come together. TTOT 74



1. A nice exploring hike with the kid. Just the two of us. We had a lot of fun. She took some videos. It is not recommended you watch them if you easily get motion sick! But she did crack me up.


2.. Despite a constant rain drizzle that stiffened my joints and pain invading what little sleep I did get…. I got up and made an excellent breakfast and fresh coffee. We made it to church and I was able to come home and continue to rest.


3. Husband got a raise.  He works so hard for us. Working two jobs and biking to both jobs most of the time. Thankful. He works hard and it paid off. So proud of him.

4. Helping a friend with the last of my tea tree oil.

There is that nasty bug going around school. Lice. Its a bad word in our house. One time when teaching I had to deal with if for six weeks. The kid has had it once. ONCE is plenty. Tea Tree Oil is a natural repellent.  I was glad I had enough extra to help a friend out. That is the last thing anyone needs to deal with.  We will also be pulling her hair up and putting  hardening cream in it. Any barriers help!


5. I walked without my walking partner. I was having issues with my pace because of my hip being really angry. I went for distance. I overestimated how far away the bench was. Walked further than I planned. Walked almost five and half miles.


7. I got to take squish for a walk, baby wearing. We walked four and half miles. We went a slightly different way. It was actually very pleasant out.

8. Well as a testament to how much better I am getting. I walked with squish,baby-wearing, for another almost two miles.  I hit the ginger, turmeric and magnesium very hard.  I woke up in the middle of the night to realize I hit the magnesium a little too hard. The bathroom and I were very close at two am.


9. New recipes. Even though I really don’t like the uncertainty of them. Will it come out? Will we like it? Did I just waste all that food?

We made zucchini chips and they were pretty darn tasty.



10. I was asked to be a regular contributor to a news and entertainment magazine. It is still in the process but stay tuned for more information.

So that’s it. Ten things. This week it was fairly easy to come up with ten things. I seem to be making my way back up from depression. I really do hate the ebb and flow of it, even with medication.

Hey wait I just checked my email.

I have a new essay up about heart Health and men’s health over on Mamalode. Go check it out! Matters of the heart

Tell me your Ten things your thankful for this week!

And Don’t forget to check out the others on this hop!

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  1. WTG on #10! That sounds like a great gig. I used to use tea tree oil on my boys when they’d come home with the nasty little buggers. it Worked great and I like the fact that it didn’t have all the chemicals that the stuff the pharmacies recommend do have. Congrats to your husband too. Sounds like you had a pretty good week. Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Great week Erin. We had a lice outbreak in our school. It was awful. Of course it was my class. Funny, people act like it is leprosy or something. I learned kids pass it easily to one another and those louses like clean hair. I didn’t know about Tea Tree, but I did know lots of hairspray works. I burned the zucchini chips I tried to make. Yours look great.


  3. Congrats on the opportunity to be a contributor, this is so exciting! I am glad you’Re feeling somewhat better and get to excercise. Being out moving in the fresh air is so beneficial in many ways. Ohhh, just thinking about lice makes me itch. Luckily, we’ve never had them so far *maniacally pounding on wood*

    Enjoy your weekend!


  4. So many exciting things in your week! And look – I think you must have been the inspiration (sub-consciously) for the way I did my list this week. It really helped to look back day by day and figure out what my thankfuls were.

    YAY for your article and the possible work with the magazine.

    And you’re doing so well on your walks – good for you for sticking with them.

    AND LICE! Ohhh you made me itch! When I worked in the nursery, we had a poem which we used to teach parents how to deal with them without needing any chemical treatments (though tea-tree oil as a repellent is a good idea)

    Wash, rinse, condition, comb
    Leave the louse without a home
    Rinse and repeat every day
    And soon the nits will go away


  5. Excellent news about #10 – congratulations!!! Your other thankfuls are also pretty excellent – walking, baby wearing and new recipes turning out is pretty perfect!


  6. Oh please don’t say the word ‘lice’. That is the worst! I always hate seeing that letter come home. Those zucchini chips look amazing. I’ve been wanting to try making them so thank you for the reminder. Congratulations on your contribution gig! That’s amazing news and I can’t wait to hear more soon.


  7. Congratulations on being asked to be a contributor to a magazine, and also to your husband for the raise. That makes a good week right there!
    The zucchini chips look pretty tasty. Did you bake them in the oven?


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  9. Ugh, my oldest had lice back in first grade. It was horrible. I never even heard of tree oil. I will keep that in mind.
    Congrats to your husband. It’s wonderful to be acknowledged for hard work.
    So many miles you’ve walked this week! Sounds great.

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  10. Yay for husband’s that is wonderful that his hard work is paying off. And sounds like you are really getting the waking in — covering the miles. That is awesome. And those zucchini chips look great. I’ll head on over and read your article.


  11. Big congrats on #10! That’s fabulous. And sounds like a great week all round – lots of good walking (sorry to hear about injury issues there); and the chips look good – among other things reminding me it’s time to get off the web and go to dinner!


  12. I saw that picture! I think I would love the zucchini chips. Looking forward to trying those one day! Sounds like a great week for you all. Congrats to your hubby on the raise. 🙂 I hope you are better from too much magnesium and hip pain. That doesn’t sound too good. You sound thankful regardless though!


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