The hollows of homework hell.


When I think back to homework during my childhood. I normally remember how much it seemed I had. I remember that more than talking back and forth between a parent and me. I was doing my homework. They were doing there thing. It must be a childhood block. Because that is sooooo not what happens at our house now.  Don’t get me wrong, I would not trade this kid for anything. Sometimes though, I just wish she would DO her homework.

The alarm goes off 2:45pm. (Yes I set my alarm for just about everything. )

I glare at it.

Fine fine, we start this dance.

I do drive to the school. This is also my reading time. My me all to myself time.  Some days the alarm goes off again at 3:13pm incredibly quickly. I was sucked into the book world. Other days it ticks by. The clock and I have arguments. Oh come on it has got to have been at least five minutes.

It is now time to walk up to the school and pick the kid up.

I enjoy looking into her room and waiting for her to notice me. It does not take even a minute. It is like our bond is so strong she just knows. The smile that lights up her face. It is pretty awesome thing. The happy chattering about her day as we walk back to the car, I wouldn’t trade for the world. It is when we get home that well the next two hours I would rather just skip.

It is homework time. The time of the day my brain gets the most workout. Calculating how much I am spending on groceries and store hoping to get the best deal is much easier than this. Having A.D.D. myself means I have to be on the ball. I can easily get just as distracted as her.

She has a requirement to read thirty minutes a day. However with the amount of interruptions she takes, I make her read an hour. It equals thirty minutes. Trust me.

It goes a lot like this. She has snack and her supplement for A.D.D. She takes the dog outside for  a few minutes.


“Get your book and get comfy.”

“okay, I am ready.”

I set the timer for sixty minutes.

She opens the book. I watch her reading the page for a few minutes. I start my work.

She puts the book down and stretches.

“uh hem. Read!”

“I was stretching!”

I just silently roll my eyes.

She needs help with a word.

Instead of going back to reading silently, she reads out loud.

” read silently please. I am trying to write while you read.”

“Okay. It can be distracting huh?”

“Yes it can.”

She then proceeds to try and launch into ways she can keep herself from getting distracted.


“We can discuss this later, please read.” I say tiredly.

We finally reach the thirty minute mark. Oh yes. The THIRTY minute mark. Halfway done.

“I can’t read in this room. The air is blowing my hair in my face.”

“Nice try, READ!”

We finally reach the end of reading time.  So now comes the really fun part!

” Okay go write a summary of what you read on your reading log.”

She gets a pencil and sits down. I go to the bathroom.

I come back out to find her singing and the half a cucumber that had been on the table from juicing at snack time is now sliced.  I was gone maybe two minutes.

” Write your summary!”

“I am!”

“so how did the cucumber get sliced and you are not at the table and you are singing?”

“Well I only ate one slice!”

” That is not writing your summary. That is not focusing!”


At this point I just point to her log sheet.

She writes her summary. She read all that time and her summary was “shes starting her journey to find the bad things.” She read twelve pages.  This is one I don’t mess with. Good enough.  I scribble my initials next to it.  I have finished checking everything I need to check and start dinner.

Math multiplication practice. We have been using It is a lot like flashcards. It also has a handy tool that gives me feedback and tells me what her recall is and how many she is getting right and wrong.

This part normally goes pretty well. She has to do three sessions. Each session is ten minutes long. Each time she is done she comes and tells me what her score was and what her recall is.

Well the first two do. The last one. She is in the living room I am in the dining room. Suddenly I hear more singing and talking.

“is your math done?”


A few minutes later she comes in to tell me her score and her recall.

“Now I need to look up my vocabulary words and read the meaning of the words.”

” Yes so go do that.”

She leaves. Singing and talking and bouncing.

She comes back. “Um I need my homework packet to look at the words”

This serves two purposes as they are also her spelling words. She has to type them in, so she is spelling it out , finding the letters, checking that she typed it in correctly. Then the reading. It seems to be just the right mix for her.  She looks up ten words…………it takes her thirty minutes. Singing the word. singing the letters. singing the definition. singing about whatever she thinks of. “NEXT WORD!” and we start over. Singing the word, singing the letters, singing the definition. Singing to the dog. If I am not on top of her she is soon dancing with the dog. “NEXT WORD!”  Singing the word, singing the letters, singing the definition. Chasing the cat. “NEXT WORD!” If I say more than that it will turn into an argument prolonging the homework. Typically this is when I am cooking dinner as well. So between yelling Next Word I am making sure the chicken doesn’t burn and the veggies are cooked. Some days I am trying to decompress from the day watching Criminal Minds or Law and Order or something along those lines while dinner is cooking. It all depends on how much I got done during the day when she was at school.

We start around 3:45pm. Homework is done, good enough anyway by six pm.

Dinner, shower and then she may possibly get thirty minutes to watch tv. That is the plan anyway. Sometimes I am so done that I forget what time it is and she is up past her bedtime.




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  1. I’m laughing really hard, but only because I know. Lord, do I know! The worst part is that mine is only 6 and the homework isn’t even hard or very much! We live in a house full of ADD/ADHD and it definitely makes homework a challenge for one and all. Perhaps the upside to all of this is that when I was a kid, nobody had a clue that girls had ADD/ADHD and it certainly wasn’t something anyone had a clue about with me until I was well into adulthood. With two parents who have it who also both happen to be educators, our Kidzilla may have a leg up on all of the struggles that ADD/ADHD kids have with homework. Here’s hoping!


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