Well crap Ten Things of Thankful #69


A blank screen.

That is what I have.

I somehow completely forgot to write things down daily. Now thinking back over the week my brain is all

“uh what?”

So reconstructing through pictures. I am fairly good at least at taking one photo a day. At least one.  Otherwise the days often blur together. It is shocking to me how little not writing down the good almost blots it from my brain.  I could tell you what days I had poor sleep. I could tell you what days I woke up feeling very much like a zombie. I could tell you what part of my back bothered me the most. It is amazing to me how quickly the dark can over power the light. I am glad I had pictures of the happy things. It has also renewed my desire to keep taking pictures daily. Lots and lots and lots of pictures.


1. My daughter was almost literally bouncing off the walls because it was her Sunday to pass out the order of service at the door.


2. We went for a walk after taking hubby to work, my daughter and I. It was a great walk. It was exactly what I needed.

unnamed (2)


3. APPLES! The apples are back the apples are back! All the apples. Any apple you can think of this farmers market most likely has them.

unnamed (1)

4. Also This. This deliciousness was a special treat. I like sodas but this , this is a special treat.

unnamed (3)


5. I did go on my walk so four miles down. We even shaved a few seconds off our pace.

Then I had a committee meeting.


6. I am so thankful that I get to be part of my friends kids lives. This guy right here was starting to really show some great progress on holding his head up all on his own. Six weeks, they have flown by.

unnamed (5)


7. We had a nice walk to school Thursday morning. That little white dot above the trees. That was the moon. We probably stood there for a good five minutes just looking at it. To which my daughter summed it up. That shadow really does look like a man. There really is a man in the moon.

unnamed (10)

8. It has been slow and steady weight loss and this mark seemed to be eluding me but finally. Finally I got there.  Also Thursday I walked  almost five miles.

unnamed (6)


9. Went for a walk today and forgot how much I missed hearing the church bells.

unnamed (8)

10. I did not mean to capture this expression. Some people walked in behind me and said something. This look though… it is priceless! We go almost every friday normally as a family to have frozen yogurt.  My daughter looks forward to it all week long.

unnamed (9)

Well look at that, now I am not feeling so bad about my week!

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While you are here though, Tell me what you are thankful for in the comments!


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  1. Congrats on the weight loss – all that walking is not only scenic, it’s been healthy too. Oh, the PA Dutch Birch Beer! I do not like soda generally but I would not be able to refuse a sip of that if offered. We once bought a glass jar of birch beer directly from an Amish farm. It was clear and it was the best soda I ever had in my life. I hope you have another great week coming up!

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  3. I see no crap in this post at all! It’s actually fantastic. Your daughter looks just lovely standing at the church door in her gorgeous dress. Thank goodness for all the walks you take because you get the best photos from them. The moon? It was stunning this week. I love ‘there really is a man in the moon’.

    Great post!


  4. Congrats on your weight loss – such a good feeling when you hit those milestones. I love the picture of your daughter at church – just made me smile.

    Walks, bells, babies – sounds like a good week!


  5. Walks are terrific and a weight loss goal in the process is even better! Hooray!
    Looks like a whole lot of great here for the week – I love how excited your daughter was for her turn to hand out at church!
    PA Dutch Birch Beer??? Are we neighbors???


  6. Those apples look FABULOUS! And well done on the weight loss marker. It’s always nice to achieve one of those. And yep – I’ve sometimes had to turn to photos to try to remember what good things happened in the week. You did well 🙂

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  7. I’m with zoe on this, I am amazed at people’s ability to be organized enough to keep track of things (of whatever nature), in the course of a week. The best I’ve managed: Monday….. Tues
    but, then you’ve read my blog, so the above is not such a huge revelation.
    I really like the idea of Ten things via photos.

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  8. “Otherwise the days often blur together. It is shocking to me how little not writing down the good almost blots it from my brain.”

    Didn’t you hit that nail on the head! I can so relate to that.
    What a fab post this week. Keep up the most excellent work on the weight loss. All the walking you’re doing is going to go a long a way towards improved health and energy.

    I’m kinda bummed I didn’t make more of an effort to catch the eclipse.

    Birch Beer! I used to hear about it when I was young. Never tasted it though. The apples. I love apples. Have one every day:)

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  9. I totally go through my pictures to reconstruct my week and make my list, because I seldom write down my thankfuls as I go, so sure am I that I will remember when I write the post (and I don’t).

    Congrats on your weight loss! It’s HARD to lose weight!


  10. This is so beautiful. I love how you started off not being able to remember the good and then you ended with feeling like the week wasn’t so bad at all. I think my friend Kristi is right. Time outside makes everything feel less depressing and more positive…always! 🙂


  11. you did a great job of remembering your fantastic week. Congratulations on reaching a goal~it can be frustrating but the feeling of hitting a mark feels so good! Have another great week!


  12. THAT look!! What a great shot. Thanks for the reminder to take a picture every day. I’ve dropped the ball on that along with the Thankfuls daily. Well done on the walking and the scale number. Managing chronic illness is a full time job and you get a gold star for your week!


    • Mary I also struggle with walking. I have taken almost two years to build up to these walks. I started with ten minute walks twice a day and they wore me out. Start slow and be patient with yourself.


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