Ten Things of Thankful #67 (but really week four)


It doesn’t seem like this should be week four. I am very proud of myself for keeping up with it. It is also getting easier and easier to find something to be thankful about in every situation. This is not to say I have left all the complaining and grumbling behind. I don’t think I ever truly will. However I do know that it is helping my mental health greatly, this looking for the positive and being grateful.


1. As odd as it seems , because we need the money, I am thankful my husband had Saturday off from both jobs. It allowed him and our daughter some bonding time and it allowed me to deal with another flare of myofascial pain syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Along with the storms that were moving in and out and throwing my arthritis in all kinds of fits. I was able to focus on resting and replenishing my body without worrying about my daughter.



10351681_858771030814524_7883972052374366483_n    sun.jpg

2.We had a service at the beach and a potluck for our autumn equinox service.  It was stormy at first but the sun did make an appearance. Good food and a good service.  Here is to cooler weather. Even if it is because of the tilt of the Earth.

3. For a friend who gave me the left over Seitan Stew from the potluck. It made it an easy dinner since tonight was just me and the kid.


unnamed (3)

Not only was it too thick of rain to drive, my arthritis was just not going to be calmed down by anything. It was ticked off and was making it well known how much it didn’t like the barometric fluxes we had all day. They were individual storms roughly an hour apart.

4. Despite my schedule being changed all around, I still got off two submissions to other Magazines.

5. PLUS I got an email from Mamalode saying I will be published this FRIDAY! WOOT WOOT!


6. I had the most amazing autumn equinox walk. It was so amazing I wrote about it, here  .

unnamed (2)

7. I tenaciously guard my alone time. A cola and my book fifteen to twenty minutes before the school dismissal. It is simple yet gives so much happiness.



8. More newborn snuggles. I just love it. I love that I can help my friend out a bit with some relief and I love the snuggles. I also kinda like that he doesn’t talk back….yet. It actually does make me thankful that we are past that stage. You tend to gloss over how much work it is with a newborn when you reflect back.


9. I am thankful for friends who can communicate with no words at all

unnamed (4)unnamed (5)

This was  vastly more stress relieving than any words could have achieved.


10. A second published essay. It really has helped renew my passion for writing. Check it out. If you like it please share it!

We have enough;Teaching Gratitude 

Also I am really happy to say I have figured how to attach links to words. It was something that I could do with help but when I tried on my own… it didn’t happen.

So that’s a bonus thing.


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  2. Congrats on the writing successes! I’ve been using those few minutes here and there waiting to pick kids up to get in a bit of reading, too. I just carry my Kindle with me everywhere. It is so relaxing.
    It is wonderful to have leftovers in the fridge, isn’t it?
    That rainstorm looks viscous. Sorry it got your ailments all in an uproar.
    Mostly, I’m glad you are finding the benefits of listing out your gratitude each week. It’s amazing that such a small act can completely change our attitude throughout the week.


  3. yeah… total congrats on the publish thing!
    as to the difficulty at times finding 10 things when it’s time to write the TToT Post… being a co-host, let me say, ‘if you’re having a very bad week with 10 things of grateful seeming impossible, then you can list items of hypo-gratitude… (don’t tell anyone I told you, for god sakes don’t overdo the use of hypo-grateful…. but they’ve gotten me out of jams before. Especially don’t tell Christine or Dyanne… you can imagine what they might do, being scotts and all).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I definitely love posting the list of thankfuls each week so I know what you mean. Those are great photos of the weather! Newborns are pretty amazing, but yes! They are a lot of work. I will have my work cut out for me soon with a new baby coming and having a toddler now. 🙂


  5. Congrats on the published writing – I will go check it out. And congrats for four weeks of gratitude – I’m not dealing with the health issues you are, but I find it certainly helps my overall state of mind when I pause to reflect on being thankful.


  6. That’s such a sweet picture of your husband and daughter, and YOU LIVE AT A BEACH?! Awesome!

    I know my pain is mild compared to what you put up with, so I’m impressed with everything you get done in spite of yours. If you don’t work through the pain, you wouldn’t do anything, right?

    Keep posting your TToT entries!


  7. oooooh newborns… I met my (hopefully permanent long story) baby nice this week, and there is nothing the same. Congratulations on your essays!


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