When thankfulness invades TTOT #66


Well apparently it is #66 but I am still new at this.

Anyway. A renewed dedication to remembering to be thankful for ….. everything. This week I am going to branch out and try to incorporate more photos. I easily take a butt load of them but will try not to overwhelm. The funny thing is once you start thinking about being thankful, it starts happening spontaneously.  I have almost started looking for the good in any situation I find myself in.


1.A community where we can come together and enjoy each others company. We had a drumming circle at our church and I love the vibrations. I don’t particularly care for the vibrations while actually hitting the drum though. Something about my skin sensation issues. It was great that there was no pressure to play. I was able to loose myself in the vibrations and also exhaust the kid. A mutual enjoyment evening.

10553374_760966510617855_1469198529645108982_n 10672036_760956890618817_6766633668725104325_n


I have two for Sunday. Well actually I could find quite a few it has been a great day.

2. A friend of ours got my friend and I and our girls…..did you follow that? tickets to her daughter(first friend) performance of Alice in Wonderland. It was spectacular.  We really should turn to musical numbers and interpretive dance in real life more often.


3.My newest obsession is toast.. With honey and cinnamon. Which that combination itself has health benefits. However it is my sweet fix. I found though when the kid called from the shower I can still be distracted. I had already put honey and cinnamon on the toast and  then called to the shower. I put more honey and cinnamon on when i got back. It was so sickeningly sweet I had to brush my teeth immediately after. Of course I ate it. Can’t let it go to waste. Plus I also didn’t actually notice until I was on the second slice.


4.newborn snuggles. I mean is there anything better than holding a newborn.

5. Squash is back in season and was ridiculously cheap at the farmers market.


6. A friend of mine and I are dedicated to walking twice a week.  Our point that we turn around, we sit for a bit. There is a lovely firebush and the butterflies were all around it.

7. I made acorn squash and quinoa for dinner the night before and had extra for lunch. It was the perfect lunch after our walk.

 8. 14 years of marriage today. How did that happen? It seems like yesterday and it seems so long ago all at the same time.


 9. The fact that the kid has school. I had a flare of myofascial pain and fibro. Most likely a combo mixture of my cycle coming and the walking we have been doing. I was really thankful I could take the kid to school and crawl back in bed.


10. Lunch with a friend.  Despite the fact that almost everything I normally eat at Panera they were out of …… we had good conversation with plenty of laughter.



Yeah I went back for more newborn snuggles.


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  1. AW! This is just wonderful… I would have gone back for newborn snuggles too! I love also that you are walking with a friend, eating yummy toast and especially? 14 years of marriage. We will be celebrating ours this February! I think you said it perfectly- “It seems like yesterday and it seems so long ago all at the same time.”


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Toast. It’s an underrated, undervalue food! I’ve never tried honey with the cinnamon. Sounds delish.
    I know nothing about “seasons”. Good to know about the squash. One of my favorites.
    Walks, drum circles, lunch with a friend…Sounds like a good week:)


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  4. No there is nothing better than holding a newborn. I’ve made a hot drink of water with cinnamon and honey but have never thought of eating it as a spread. It’s supposed to have great anti inflammatory properties. I totally agree life would be more fun if we spontaneously busted out into song and dance from time to time!


  5. hey #3!! toast! as a young lifeform, I used to love toast, mostly as a ‘butter delivery system’… tried a number of approaches, including buttering the bread before putting it in the toaster ( limited success on that). But I distinctly remember cinnamon toast, very excellent.
    Currently I am in a ‘burnt toast’ phase… (clearly I am charcoal deficient) blackened toast…very good! (you know you are burning the toast properly when, as you put on the butter, you can actually hear it sizzle!)


  6. I’m in mid pregnancy, as you may remember, and I literally and so looking forward to holding my newborn baby so I know what you mean. I love whole wheat toast and nutella on it! It’s my sweet fix lately. That one is definitely not as as yours. 😉 The drum sessions sound so fun!


  7. I take pictures all the time. Mostly stupid ones, but I post them anyway 🙂
    I would hold a newborn baby all day. They smell so good! In fact, my life’s goal is to become a professional newborn baby holder.
    I’m glad you had so many lovely things for which to be thankful this week. Except for Panera being out of everything you wanted. That is certainly aggravating. How you can you be OUT of bread, Panera? You ARE bread!

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  8. I love taking pictures and I love seeing pics others take. It’s part of the fun of blogging and I love Instagram, even though I’ve been neglecting it lately. Newborn snuggles are most definitely a wonderful thing.
    I’m glad you had a chance to rest your body when it needed it.
    I like honey and I like cinnamon but have to admit I’ve never thought about eating the two together. I may have to try it.


  9. So many wedding anniversaries in this TToT this week! I LOVE toast with honey, but I’m not sure I’ve ever put cinnamon on it. I should try that, but it’s bread that puts the pounds on, so I hesitate.


  10. I think you’ve got a good amount of photos, and I wouldn’t mind more. I’m a little biased, of course, as my father-in-law has been in photography as a hobby for 40 years, and my daughter is beginning to formally refine her photography skills with a pro.

    Newborns are wonderful. I catch Cimmy all the time making motherly sounds to various infants, and someone in our ward (church congregation) recently had (another 🙂 ) baby boy. His dad is my home teaching (member ministry) companion and so I was asking him about his new son. We are in a great church congregation where all the dads take their turn looking after the kids. Mine are 12 and 7 so that time has passed, but I’ve been with them long enough that I did get a lot of help with our boy back in the day.


      • Cool, cool. I’m in the habit of clarifying for those that aren’t familiar.

        Photos are always welcome– we have a family Flickr account, and, no surprise, my father-in-law is usually the first to comment on every single photo we upload 🙂

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