A week long reflection on ten things of thankful


I decided to renew my dedication to being thankful and having gratitude for what I do have. I have been blogging something I am thankful or grateful for every day to have a more precise ten things list.




1. A cleaning job that gives me a small amount of money but also some confidence in myself.  Since disabilities has interfered with my ability to work full time, or even part time. This has been tremendously helpful.



2. I kept to my goals of writing as much as possible. I also kept my second goal of submitting to at least two publishers daily, for two days in a row!



3. Fifty cent coffee at the gas station. We ran out of creamer at home today. Sometimes I can drink it black. This morning was not one of those times.  I needed my hazelnut this morning. Thankful that my car change holder had fifty cents in it.



4. I had to dig deep to do it but I got my four mile walk in. We had to push back the time. I was really doubting that I could make it. Several times on the way to the two mile point I wanted to turn around. I did it. I kept my fitness goals for a week so far!



5. I am thankful that I read an article about self compassion. It allowed me to be a bit nicer to myself about not getting my to do list done today. I was able to say but look what I did get done.


In reflecting on my week, I looked for other things that I was thankful for or had gratitude for. Sometimes it is hard to be thankful/grateful for things as they are happening. It is helpful to look back and appreciate that moment, even if it is later.


1. I am thankful for the time away from being constantly connected when my phone mysteriously died.

2. I am also thankful for the return of my phone. Mostly for the fact that I can play my youtube self hypnosis videos with headphones.  I didn’t realize how much of a difference it makes.

3. I am thankful and grateful for a friend who is always up to go out to lunch one day a week. I am both thankful and grateful that it does not matter who pays.

4.  So since school started I have seen this little girl (the one on the left) sitting on a stump at the drop off area…she always looked so sad and lonely….I told the kid Monday she should go talk to her.I told her why…she came home so excited to tell me about her new friend.. Only she didn’t remember her name! She did remember to ask on Tuesday….the last two days it is like seeing the sun come out when we pull up and this girl sees who gets out…I am so thankful I have a daughter who actually listened to something I said and it has made a difference in some other child’s life.

5. I am thankful that as I stay more on target with my exercise goals in walking, my food cravings have turned more and more to healthier options.

What are some things you are thankful for?


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  1. That self-compassion stuff is important, but I am way too hard on myself, too. I’m happy your daughter became a friend to someone. Kindness, compassion for ourselves and others.

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  2. I love your format here – something for each day and the overreaching extras as well.
    I love that you have a “doesn’t matter who pays” friend – I do too. Says something about the friendship, I think, when the visit together is more important than anybody’s wallet status at the moment.
    And how great that your daughter reached out to that little girl and they’ve connected. Wonderful!


  3. Love that your daughter reached out to someone who likely needed it and made a friend as a result – your advice to her sounds very much like advice my mother gave me growing up many a time. Overall – I’m the better for it and for reaching and making that effort when I saw someone who might benefit from it.

    And congrats on the fitness goals met this week – never easy.


  4. excellent listifying! (I have tried a number of times) to do a TToT list in ‘real time’…noting one for each day of the week, so that the weekend would not find acting like a high school student on a Sunday evening.
    Good work in all the points. big believer in the writing of goals, even bigger believer is going easy(er) on yourself as part of that process. clarks has serious issues with giving ourselfs a damn break! lol
    good TTs


    • I have never been a goal setter so this is new territory for me. I was always like I would like to get to such and such but meh if it doesn’t happen no big…
      There were many nights I was like AHHH I forgot to blog a thankful and pulled the laptop back out.


    • I swore I replied to this….

      Alas it was not there.

      There were many nights I had to lug out the laptop again because I forgot to write a thankful. It was a good exercise.. I may try and keep it that way.. Maybe as a way to end the day.


  5. Which self-compassion article did you read? I know Yvonne (of the blog, inquiringparent) has written a couple of really good ones.

    Well done you for keeping up with your fitness goals. I confess I have NOT, this week, though I’ve been managing not to beat myself up about it.

    I love, LOVE, love that you saw a girl who was lonely and that you guided your daughter into befriending her and (who knows) making some of the biggest difference of her young life. That might be my favourite bit of any of the lists I’ve read so far. BRILLIANT. I’m sure it will make SUCH a difference to the girl 🙂


  6. Wow! What a great post. I love that your heart guided you to suggest to your daughter that she approach the little girl. And good for your daughter that she did! So often it is the small things in life that have the biggest impact.
    Congrats on the exercise and pushing yourself through and reaching your goal. 1 week down and another to go. And another:)
    Self compassion is so important. Not always an easy characteristic to develop. Keep up the good work with reaching your goals this week:)


  7. Good for you, sticking with your fitness goals. I’ve always found that when I make a good choice, it inspires me to make more. Sounds like that ‘s happening with you, too.
    Love that your daughter was brave enough to go talk to the little girl. That one act has brighten the days of many of us!


  8. Oh what a wonderful list! There is just so much goodness in it- from your own self care and compassion to your precious daughter’s ability to reach out to this girl and truly change her life! I would call that a HUGE list of thankfuls and all because you were ‘intentional’ about each one.

    Good for you. Truly- this- GOOD FOR YOU.


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