It all started with a lawn mower.


Something enters the fog that is my slumber.

What is that noise?

Is that? No!  I peek at the time. It is seven fifteen in the morning.  That IS the sound of a lawn mower.  My neighbors directly on the other side of my wall to be exact.

I had fifteen minutes left to sleep. Seriously, I need that fifteen minutes.

Oh fine for the love of all things holy I am out of bed. Happy Mr. Neighbor? You better watch your tires! POP!

I go to the living room. The kid is not there. Huh…. odd.. she is normally up way before now. She must be in her room.

Oh she was in her room alright. Asleep! This never happens. She is a freaking ungodly hour early riser. She gets up regularly by ten after six. She has gotten up at five am before.  I think the latest I can remember her sleeping until is ten after seven. It is now seven thirty. WHAT?

Really I should have known my day was bound to be weird.

We manage to get out of the door just ten minutes later than normal. Drop the kid off at school. Goodbye go play I love you, tires peel out of the parking lot.

I get to my cleaning job. A quick text in the driveway to ask a friend if today is a good day for lunch. I really need something to look forward to,other than getting paid.

She says it must be something healthy. I must research this healthy lunch she speaks of. I find something that looks good. It’s seafood. It only has one out of a possible four dollar signs.  We decide this looks good. I mention this to my friend whom I clean for. It is a really long wait. If you have two hours it is fine. Uhh. no . no we don’t. She recommends another place. One we had not tried which was also seafood.

This is where my friend I clean for discovers her debit card expired in August. So money will wait until car line kid pick up time.  I go off to Book a Million anyway. I can totally find what I am looking for and put it on hold.  Twenty minutes later, I realize that what I want is not there. The alternatives were too expensive.  AH HA the library is right around the corner.

I get what I need at the library and look at the time. CRAP. Just enough time left to not have time to go home. What to do. What to do.

I decide to just drive to the restaurant and wait. I get there and there really isn’t anything interesting in that plaza so I go over to the one right before it. Salvation Army.  AH! I can waste so much time here. I found a new book. I had to go out to the car and dig for change but I got a new book!

Finally time for lunch. I go back to the restaurant and now……..they have closed and there is a note on the  door. The owner is locking the door.

What????  He says, ” we are closed for the holiday.”

Um dude the holiday is over.

Text my friend , I am coming to your work because the restaurant is closed.  Actually that text had a lot of cuss words in front of the place is closed.

We decide to go to a fairly new place we discovered that also is seafood.

We go and thankfully they were open.

We tell our waitress, We just want fish tacos. This is what has already happened.

She is like. ” The holiday is over, what they are is hung over!”

Man I love this woman already!

Then not twenty minutes into our meal. Who walks in the door.

 The owner of the other place that was CLOSED.

Oh we ragged on him hard. Then he asks us where a sprint store is.

Um Dude we are both devote droid Verizon people.

We did figure it out and then told him to go the Verizon store. It was closer anyway.

Steam was blown off by both myself and my friend. Fish tacos were amazing. Well technically these were Fish Quesadilla, close enough.

Finally I get home.  I get quite a bit of computer stuff done and it’s still almost an hour until car line pick up.

I leave for pick up early, after wasting thirty minutes online.

I have a spot I like to park at and read. Well, its more like fiddle with my phone, fiddle with the ac/roll down windows/roll up windows. I do typically get a few pages read from my book.

Pick up my money from cleaning, pick up the kid.

Off to the store.

All is good.

Hey , I survived.

Now I really want that frozen yogurt we are going to get for Hubby’s birthday.

Only, that too has now changed.

It’s not until Thursday now.

This all of course is not including the completely ridiculous drivers that were out there today. TWO of them needed personal invitations to turn, there was no light just go when its clear.  A line of semi trucks could have gone in that space but NO we are still sitting here.  That was not even the worst of the drivers out there today.

I am gonna need some wine tonight.  Make that a bottle.


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  1. By my standards my yesterday was pretty messed up and way not according to plan. I should have figured though because the day’s activities technically started because I had a panic attack that my life was going nowhere. When I told my husband this at the end of the day, he politely said, “Um, honey, your life is going nowhere…” Suck.


  2. It sounds like an interesting day indeed! I hope you got the frozen yogurt you wanted. And I hope you have some better days soon. Thanks for sharing.


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