I survived!


Back-to-school started bright and early on Monday August 18th. I forgot how nasty it is to wake up to an alarm. It’s not like I had not heard the alarm going off. My husband still had an alarm. I, however, was able to go back to sleep. 

The first day went really well though. I made her lunch the night before. NOT because I was excited or anything. Okay that’s totally a  lie. It totally was because I was excited. It was also so I could sleep an extra five minutes in the morning!  My daughter was up and dressed and ready on time. She was excited to go.  We got out of the house on time. I even snuck a note in her lunch box. 

The second day-not so much. I come out of my room at seven fifteen. She is not dressed. She has not eaten. She is playing computer games. So we are right back into our routine. We some how manage to get to school on time still. Nothing says back-to-school like loosing your shit at seven thirty in the morning.

Recess is drastically different this year. They may get some recess time but it could also be a gross motor group activity that day. I believe in unstructured play being a  part of her school day. My aim is to get her to school between eight am and eight fifteen so that she gets some unstructured playtime before school starts.This is the before care time that parents are not charged for. The kids are normally out in the front yard of the school playing games. 

Tuesday night we have a discussion about what is expected of her when she wakes up. No, I don’t wake her up. She is predictably up every morning around five forty five maybe six am. Every once in a while she will sleep until seven. We wrote out her responsibilities and posted them on the refrigerator. 

Wednesday went much smoother. It was a good thing because I was skipping my morning coffee. I was meeting another parent for coffee after drop off.  It was a good thing everything went so smooth.

The mornings are my domain. The husband is off to work by six thirty am. The husband takes the nights most of the time. I get dinner done most of the time and it is up to him to get her in bed.  It works for us. Most of the time.

Thursday she was up extra early. She was ready at seven forty five. Which was extra good because we had to drop her off at eight am to get the husband to the orthopedic doctor for his thumb. Even still we dropped her off at almost ten after eight.  

Friday morning dawned bright and early, with the realization that I did not put her ice pack in the freezer-nor did I pack a lunch. Crap crap crap… I hate when I forget to pack her lunch the night before.I am not awake enough and it takes me twice as long. I also was not as thrilled with what got packed. It was still balanced, I just wasn’t as happy with it. OH and look she left her water bottle out in the car. Sigh. So needless to say we did not get to school today until twenty after eight. By friday my body is pleading for mercy most of the time. Thursday and Fridays are the hardest for me to get up and get moving. Fibromyalgia and Arthritis are really quite angry with me by then. Sometimes I set my alarm at seven and when it goes off I take my meds and lay in bed for another fifteen minutes. It helps sometimes. 

In the end though, we had a good first week of school. I almost wish she had some homework so we could slip into our afternoon routine as well. One routine at a time though. Homework will come. I did have her read and work out on her spelling words. 



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  1. I’m glad the first week went well. We don’t go back to school here until next Wednesday. I’m dreading waking up to an alarm again and dreading having to pack a lunch but it will be nice to get into a routine again.


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