Cheap easy and quick just the way I like it!


For quite a while I was content to have the kid order hot lunch. Then I volunteered for a few months to help pass out breakfasts. The lowest sugar amount was 21 grams. The highest was 51 grams. I was appalled. What the breakfast printout said would never lead me to think there was this much sugar. The fruit was in syrup and rarely fresh. The whole grain breakfast bar had 31 grams of sugar all by its self. There were some good choices. Things I would give my daughter at home. However the other choices were so sugary and processed that it was decided we would not do school breakfast or lunch.

Grocery lunchbox

pretzel crisps $2.50

Bananas $1.16

Sugar snap peas $3.65

Carrots $1.69

Peaches /apples $2.93

Raspberries $1.67

Hummus $4.99

Turkey $3.89

Flatout bread $3.19

 Rice Dream milk boxes $1.00

Yogurt sticks $3.50

I had the cheese sticks from last week and celery from last week left over. This grocery stack will last us  a week worth of lunches and afternoon snack.  Some of this stuff I only have to buy once a month , like the bag of baby carrots. The flat-bread is also a once a month expense. My total for this trip was $26.67. Divide this by five days of school-it cost me $5.33 for lunch and snack.

She has access to her lunch box for snack time as they have the earliest lunch at eleven fifteen.

Monday’s Lunch

unnamed (1)

 Rice dream milk box, yogurt stick, cheese stick, banana raspberry peanut butter roll ups Carrots and snap peas.

Only half the roll up came home everything else was gone.

Tuesday’s lunch


Snap peas and carrots with ranch dressing, yogurt stick, cheese stick, Rice dream milk box, Peaches, Ham and cheese roll ups

This time only half the roll up came home but she didn’t tell me right away so the cheese was all melty by the time I found it. We discussed why this made me upset and how she can help next time. TELL ME CHILD JUST TELL ME!

Wednesday’s Lunch


Yogurt stick, cheese stick, Milk box, Carrots snap peas with hummus, Celery and peanut butter, apple slices and peanut butter.

One celery stick was all that was left.

Thursday’s Lunch


Ham and cheese roll up, yogurt stick, cheese stick, milk box, raspberries, peaches, apples, Carrots and snap peas with hummus.

Today she did not eat the sandwich but only a few raspberries and a peach slice was left. She also said she was not hungry at snack time so the cheese stick was left as well.

Friday’s Lunch


Ham and cheese roll up, Carrots snap peas and hummus. apples and peanut butter, milk box, yogurt stick and cheese stick.


This is the bread I get for the roll ups. It is a sneaky way to add more protein, and grains.

We still have enough left over that the only thing I had to buy today for lunches next week was fresh fruit. I can easily get at least three more lunches out of last weeks groceries for lunches. This will actually bring the total daily cost down to $3.33 for eight lunches and snacks.  Our school lunches are $2.10 per lunch and no snack.  This makes packing lunch for us the more affordable and nutritious option.


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