Do you know?


Do you know who you have made an impact on? In the wake of Robin William’s death this has been on a lot of people’s mind. We know how much celebrities can impact people. Over the tv, in person on stage, over the radio they reach out. What about the people you pass every day? Doing every day things. The cashier at the grocery store. The cashier at the gas station. The kid on the corner waiting for the bus. 

How true that rings for me today.  Today the kids here went back to school. Despite having already gone to the grocery store , childless I might add, I still forgot stuff. After picking up the kid, off we went to the store. We got the forgotten item, Milk. A few other things that we decided we simply must have. coconut water, carrot sticks, bread, to name a few. We go to check out and it happens that the ten items or less was backed up. We hop over to one of the regular lines. I notice the cashier notice us, her face lit up, smiling ear to ear. She could not get to us fast enough. I had no idea why.  She gushed over the kid and they had this big person conversation. 

“How was the first day of school?”  

“pretty good. We got to do a crossword puzzle!”

“oh that sounds fun! How did you do?”

” I got a lot of them! I think I did pretty good on it.” 

The kid bopped off, happy as can be. The cashier gave me my change. and says 

“I just love talking with her! She lights up my day!” 

I was kind of perplexed by this at first. This was not a grocery store I ran to often with her. We step outside. AH! It dawns on me. My husband and her ride their bikes to the store. To that store, to be exact. 

” Do you like that cashier?” I ask?

“Yeah she is nice. She smiles at me.”

Just like that, She smiles at me. She is good people because she takes the time to smile at her. 

A week ago , I probably wouldn’t even have noticed or given this a second thought. 

How many other people has my family touched? Do we ever truly really know?

We are almost at the car.

Mommy can you take the bag with the milk.. Its hurting my muscles.

Okay. But how are you going to grow your muscles.

MOMMY! I haven’t eaten any celery today!

Burst out laughing.

MOMMY!!! I mean spinach.. Whatever that stuff is that makes your muscles better.

For back to school day, the kids are not the only ones learning. 


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