The Things we did…..


Saturday July 26th

 There was much rejoicing when our friend arrived. We thought we had a library class. Apparently Mommy did not look very closely…it was capped at age seven. We went to Target instead.  We were then off to Snickerdoodles brother’s baby shower. HA thats a mouth full huh. Anyway it was a good day.

Sunday July 27th

 We went to church. We had an ice cream social.  It was really great.

We explored some of the mangrove areas and then it was off to the beach.


We always find different things when we go to the beach.

We did not expect to find a condom


It blends right in with the shell and sand dollar doesn’t it.

Monday July 28th

 44563_736306856417154_2329423617028579751_n 10477443_736306673083839_346003384579483402_n

Monday we got our art on. Ringling Museum is always a fun adventure!

We went back to the beach. A different beach this time. We did not stay long as there were some strong rip currents.

unnamed (1)

Tuesday July 29th

 We had a little exploring and we saw some of the local historical houses


Then we went to the pier.


We had lunch with my other friend.

Then this happened because we needed some girl time….that did not include small ears. Some talking some beer….some pretending to read so the kid won’t ask me to watch every two seconds.Sometimes you just need a break.

unnamed (2)

Wednesday July 30th

 unnamed (3)

We tried one last time to see some Alligators. They must have known we were looking. Not a single one was to be found. Its not like St. Augustine doesn’t have alligators but still.

unnamed (4)

We did have a lovely picnic before the kid had a library class.

Thursday July 31st

 Lots of cleaning happened.  We were done house sitting. We packed everything up.  My friend left to go back home. We have one night at our house and we are off to Epcot thus the early post.

I WON”T BE HERE.  I thought camping the first few days in August with a nine year old would be a great idea. SO off we go!


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