The eighth week of summer


Here is what we said we were going to do Sunday July 20th : Church and hang out with a friend and her kid.

What we did was, skip church and go to the beach with friend and her kid.


I was on a mission to find sand dollars. The last twenty minutes of our three hours at the beach, I found the Mother load. I am looking at it like this, I know where they are now! When we go back, because we will go back, they are mine alllllll mine. Hopefully next time we will find some dead ones we can keep. These were all alive.  Oh and guess what the kid’s research subject is going to be this week! We will finish that off with a trip to the beach on Saturday and find more.

Here is what we said we would do Monday: Cleaning job. What we actually did was , cleaning job! YAY they match!

There was also Espresso


Lots of espresso because there was also storms moving in. We cleaned our house as well. We didn’t get everything done because  we had to go pick up Daddy from work and take him to his second job. We went to Starbucks in between so we could all survive!  The kid got a lot of math done and she got her hour of reading in. We also stopped to visit the new calf down the street from us.

10525980_732994996748340_73419428049729213_n unnamed (6)

Here is what we said we would do Tuesday July 22nd:  A World of Drums Class

Here is what we actually did Tuesday :

We started the morning off with the kid doing her math and reading. I did laundry and dishes…oh yay!

We did go to the drumming class.


Wednesday here is what we said we would do:

Here is what we did:

Thursday here is what we said we would do: Math tutoring

Here is what we did Thursday:

We are stepping back from the intense math tutoring sessions for a week possibly two and instead she is doing thirty minutes of math games online. We have been using CoolMath and Mathisfun. She is then watching thirty minutes of School House rocks math multiplication.  This is each day. Today she did an hour of math memory games then followed by a mix of School House Rocks Math all skills. She also did some math worksheets from her workbook from last year. We then went and saw smokey the bear and got to see lots of cool things and learn about how they fight fires.

math smoikey

Friday we cleaned our house and packed for house sitting. We had one last play date with the girls before they left on vacation.


Saturday we came to the house we are house sitting. The kid did her math and reading while I did the extra cleaning I said I would do.

All in all a pretty good week.


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