Let the insanity begin :July 27th – August 2nd


So the next seven days is absolutely insane. This is what we have been building up to all summer. Think of this as our summer climax! No no get your mind out of the gutter….climax as in the apex  of our summer story. This week my friend from St. Augustine will be here. Two disabled women can surely keep up with a nine year old right? shhhhh

Sunday July 27th

We are going to church this week. Especially because after the service there is an ice cream sundae party!!!

Mote Marine Aquarium

Sunset at Siesta Beach

Monday July 28th

Ringling museum. This is an art museum which we have not been to for a while but is free on Mondays. Its very large and will take quite a bit out of us so we are planning on a quiet evening at home after this. Possibly go to the beach around sunset. Its so much nicer either first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.

Tuesday July 29th

Venice Rookery : not sure what will be there. It has been interesting to see the nesting patterns of the different birds.

Lunch with a friend of mine so I can introduce my other friend to her.

 Mighty Manatees at Selby library. This is a library about twenty miles away and it is gorgeous so we will probably take some time to explore the library while the kid is in the manatee class.

We will then go to the splash park which also has a nice trail to walk along the water.

Wednesday July 30th

Stroll downtown Main Street. It has such a large and diverse set of shops. It will be fun to see it through someone elses eyes plus…SHOPPING.

We will walk over to the art center the kid had her pottery class at. There is a show room and its just a nice place in general.

Sea Turtles class at Library.

Short trail at Oscar Schere park towards the late afternoon early evening to avoid the extreme heat.

Thursday July 31st

Spanish Point Indian Midden. This will just be a quick visit as early as possible.

Help friend Pack up.

Clean up the house we have been house sitting.

Friday August 1s

My baby turns nine today. Nine years! How the heck did that happen?

We will be packing up our own car and heading to Fort Wilderness.

Setting up our tent and getting situated.

Saturday August 2nd


We will make sure to do it all but the kid really really really wants to make sure we see Hello Kitty.


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