Frustrating brain issues


I woke up this morning and knew I needed to write. I knew I had things to get out. I tried several times. Every-time my brain just went blank.  Sometimes it helps me if I just dictate it into the computer. My brain again said…uuuuhhhhhh uuummmmmm uuuuuhhhhh..

Sometimes I can get around writers block by reading. I can get lost in my book and all of a sudden it flows and I can start writing. I set the kid down with a book to read as well. She loves reading but is very restless about it so her reading time is much longer than the normal recommended time length. I have to remind her to focus, to stop flip flopping all over the place. She does better reading out  loud to stuffed animals or whatever pet she can wrangle to her. This is all good and well. I am good with this pattern we have. However, I am one who needs less distractions while reading. I can lay down in bed and read for hours. Reading was not going to work today.

I tried to outline what was in my head. The only problem was I was all over the place. Flares, medications, coping techniques summer schooling structure for the kid. I couldn’t get enough of any one thing out of my head to be a blog post. Basically at this point picture me at a desk with a trash can overflowing with tossed off balls of paper. Me tearing them off in frustration.

Ah the boring monotony of laundry. I could do that and let my brain wonder. Washer to dryer, new stuff in washer. GASP. fold some of the laundry. Only problem…my brain did not want to wonder. I even did dishes from last nights dinner and this mornings breakfast. SHOCKING I know. Well its shocking if you know me.

I am hoping my last ditch effort. Aimlessly driving will be the release. However we don’t need to go anywhere for an hour longer and the kid needs to finish reading. Bare with me. I will have more than just our summer compare and contrast weeks posts.


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  1. Right there with you. 🙂 Had/Have a severe case of depression this week, and trying to write anything remotely positive is like wishing for little flying piggies! Ugh! Good for you for posting something at least. 🙂


  2. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading it, I have squizophrenia and the second thing I do in the mornings is writing, I think because of the nightmares I usually have, they full my mind with hallucinations and writing has become my way of defending myself. Best of wishes.


  3. I can totally relate to this. Sometimes words just will not come into my brain for anything. I hope getting out of the house and driving around will clear whatever block is there.


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