The week of rain….otherwise- Week Seven


It didn’t rain all week. It just seemed like it.  When recovering from a flare it does not take much to make you miserable again. This week there was two waterspouts within ten miles of us.  People are not always concerned by them. They are typically harmless. Unless you have arthritis.  So here is what we did get done. I am pretty pleased with it over all. I am glad I am doing this as it really helps me to see just how much we are doing. Its a good reminder because there are so many times I feel like all I say to her is not today.

 Sunday July 13th

Sunday was a slow easy going day. We also decided to start reading out loud at night again.  We shall see how long this lasts.  We have a great book to dive into.


Monday July 14th

Monday we took the car in for an inspection, oil change and just general maintenance. I had not really planned on being without a car most of the day. We got the cleaning job done and the kid got her reading in. She also looked up vocabulary words from chapter one of 20,000 leagues in the dictionary. We went to a library presentation.  It was interesting. They were marionettes. We learned some marionette theater lore. The play presented was the original Jack and the Bean stalk. We also learned that story has been a play long enough that William Shakespeare could have watched it as a child too.

IMG_20140714_140513 IMG_20140714_141132

Tuesday July 15th

Tuesday did not start off as planned. Summer in Florida means afternoon storms. I was not prepared for one in the morning. We finally reached our limit in the house. I needed to be up and moving around anyway. I was looking for an alternative to our hike since we got rained out. I found a park that looked interesting and looked to be outside the storm area. This of course meant that we drove right into another storm that had not been on the Radar when I first looked. However, I think the storm added to the magic of this park. It was a fairly light drizzle off and on. It was a really small maybe five minute loop walk. Super small for what we normally do. The magic here though. Man the sunlight, the tree climbing, it was nothing short of delightful. We also maybe absorbed just a tiny bit of knowledge about Indian Middens and about coastal hammocks. This is also one of the days of water spouts.

 IMG_20140715_125150   IMG_20140715_121456_863-EFFECTS  IMG_20140715_120804_692

We got to the Library about an hour early. It was really horrible to have to look at books. That hour really flew by!


The class was very small but the kids seemed to enjoy it. The fact that the presenters were dressed up as pirates helped a bit. At the end they got to make edible pirate faces, to remind us not to end up like the pirates and have scurvy. Hey I will take any message that helps them eat healthy. Moms have to say eat your veggies but maybe if someone else says it…….

IMG_20140715_135133 IMG_20140715_143019_827

The kid may have been a bit freaked by some of the information. She was really into having broccoli for a snack later. She then made herself a spinach brocoli and strawberry salad. Really I am not complaining about it. She ate quite well today without much effort on my part.

Wednesday July 16th

This library class was beyond awesome. The presenter had a great way of engaging kids while also entertaining parents.

1908370_730609250320248_1035113363779784753_n   10402421_730609463653560_5692714047489731816_n

The kid even got picked to participate! She was the potassium iodine naturally. He went on to list what Potassium iodine is like….a party pooper.  Then he told her sometimes she can be clumpy but she can’t go into the HOOH (peroxide) like that so they had to unclump her.  It truly was entertaining.  This also happened to be a waterspout day which when I heard I was like… OOOOOHHHHHH thats why I haven’t been able to do anything all morning!

Thursday July 17th


Thursday started off with our normal stuff.  Math tutor lesson, espresso and reading. We made another breakthrough and have a better understanding now of what needs to be done to help her in math. She can’t visualize the numbers in her head. We do a lot of guided meditation so I plan on having her envision a sheet of paper and adding numbers. More specifically helping with the place value. She knows them  but she can’t hold them in the right order in her head. This week it was me who walked away with homework.  We already know she falls into the ADD category. Right brain thinking. So during the day we have right brained math games to do.

She worked really hard and we got a lot accomplished so we went off to the splash park for an hour.


 Friday July 18th

So we started Friday with this.

unnamed (1)

It was pretty awesome. We had fun. It was even fun when I tried to dive down for a sand dollar and a wave came and tossed me over. I came up laughing. My back did not find this so amusing. It looks like more ice packs are in store. It was completely and totally worth it though.  So the laundry didn’t get sorted or the drawers organized.  There is always tomorrow to try again with that.

unnamed (4)

We also treated ourselves to frozen yogurt for afternoon snack. Chocolate and hot fudge made me a bit less miserable about my back hurting.

Then we went to Target.

Hello my pretties. I have missed you.

unnamed (3)

Saturday July 19th

So off and running first thing this morning. Well it was a reasonable time. Nine am is almost acceptable to be leaving the house. We were off to a fossil class. One that I almost forgot about. Glad I got that reminder email at eight am.

We swung by and picked up the kids best friend.

IMG_20140719_102934_269 IMG_20140719_103434_906 IMG_20140719_135420

We had lunch at our friends house and the kids all played. We left and came home. Got our swim suits on and we went to the beach. I only meant to stay for an hour. Turns out, my body prefers the saltwater. I am pretty sure I was always meant to be a mermaid. My joints are so happy right now… Two hours in the water…. yeah we may have gotten a tad burnt but it felt so good and the kid had so much fun. It was great just mommy and her time. I even left my phone at home. So no pictures which is sad but it was soooo nice at the same time.

Until next week…..


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